Jonestown Mass Suicide
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 Jonestown Mass Suicide
House of Representitives Report on Jonestown--Findings
May 15, 1979
On the basis of the factual evidence obtained by the Staff Investigative Group, we render the following findings. In doing so we recognize that we are the beneficiaries of retrospect on the events which preceded November 18, 1978. In this respect, we have striven to utilize these advantages without falling victim to the pitfalls accompanying them. We have sought to be objective and balanced but not frozen from judgement. In attempting to be fair and understanding, we have not been timid.
Table of Contents
A. Jim Jones and People's Temple
B. Conspiracy Against Jim Jones and People's Temple?
C. Opponents and Media Intimidated; Public Officials Used
D. Awareness of Danger; Predicting the Degree of Violence
E. U.S. Customs Service Investigation
F. Conspiracy To Kill Representative Ryan?
G. The Privacy Act and the Freedom of Information Act
H. Role and Performance of the U.S. Department of State
I. Involvement of the Government of Guyana
J. Social Security; Foster Children
K. Future Status of People's Temple
  Jonestown: Dismantling the Disinformation

My name is Laurie Efrein Kahalas, and I was with the Peoples Temple
for eight-and-a-half years. I was living in the Temple building in San
Francisco when tragedy struck, along with a tiny crew left back in the
States for organisational work. While others were wildly shredding
documents, I quietly saved them, squireling away documents and files
for a later, brighter day. There was nothing there that could
incriminate us (for indeed, we were not criminals at all, we were
humanitarians); and I realised I held in my hands the keys to some day
exculpate my friends. As if such a thing could be possible! But I
vowed to try.


No one ever questioned who ordered the assassination of Congressman Leo Ryan as he departed from the notorious Jonestown. “Jim Jones ordered…” was all the public needed to hear. “Bizarre cult” assassinates Congressman, then lurches into a macabre orgy of suicide and murder at the command of their deranged leader, Jim Jones. Stop the investigation! No need. We already got “the story.”

 Religious Movements Homepage: People's Temple (Jonestown)
This Jonestown Page is your gateway to accessing comprehensive web based as well as print resources about the Peoples Temple. As part of the New Religious Movements Homepage, it includes a Profile of the of Jim Jones...
CNN - Jonestown massacre memories linger amid rumors of CIA link - November 19, 1998
The Jonestown Massacre
On November 18, 1978, over 900 members of a religious group led by the Reverend Jim Jones were killed in an apparent mass suicide. The megalomaniac Jones convinced most of his followers to drink a cyanide mixture. Some, including Jones, were shot, either...
Jonestown: Population Zero
The Jonestown Massacre CIA Mind Control Run Amok?
No Bibles in Jonestown - Does God Exist? - MarApr98
No Bibles in Jonestown News of the Jonestown massacre sent shock waves around the world. We read and watched in unbelief as we received the grim reports of the suicides and executions at Jonestown, Guyana.
Religious Movements Homepage: People's Temple (Jonestown)
Peoples Temple (Jonestown) On November 18, 1978 over 900 persons died in Jonestown, Guyana. For twenty years a small group of people have attempted to make the name Jonestown synonymous with Auschwitz. The tragedy of Jonestown is not.........
Reverend Jim Jones & The People's Temple
& The People's Temple Jim Jones, the son of a Klansman, considered himself the reincarnation of both Jesus and Lenin. Jim had visions of an impending nuclear holocaust in which only the towns of Ukiah, California and Belo Horizonte, Brazil would survive....
Jones-Town Memorial Project
Welcome to Jones-Town Memorial Project! Today is October 05, 2001
Jim Jones, Jonestown, and Official San Francisco
The Jonestown Massacre had its roots in San Francisco where Jim Jones recruited members from the city's most vulnerable.
This was a Christian destructive, doomsday cult founded and led by James Warren Jones (1931-1978). Jim Jones held degrees from Indiana University and Butler University. He was not a Fundamentalist pastor as many reports in the media and...
USA Today (Magazine): JONESTOWN MASSACRE: The Unrevealed Story.
The testimony of Rev. Jim Jones' mistress opens a Pandora's box of sex, lies, drugs, politics, and murder. IN NOVEMBER, 1978, the world was stunned by dramatic pictures and stories about Rev. Jim Jones and the mass suicide of hundreds of people in...
The Jonestown Massacre
The first reports out of Guyana on November 18, 1978 were that Congressman Leo J. Ryan and four other members of his party were shot and killed as they attempted to board a plane at Port Kaituma airstrip. Within hours, came the shocking announcement that...  more hits from:
CNN - Jonestown Massacre + Twenty Years
Article examines the Jonestown tragedy on its twentieth anniversary.
Jonestown - Examining the Peoples Temple
Analyzes Jonestown in the context of the larger culture from which it developed. Find a history of the cult and links to relevant sites.
Jonestown Genocide
Parascope article argues that Jonestown was a CIA mind-control experiment that self-destructed.
The Jonestown Massacre CIA Mind Control Run Amok?- David Icke 20 years later, Jonestown massacre haunts survivors (photo)
20 years later, Jonestown massacre haunts survivors: For 20 years now, they have come to a grassy hillside overlooking San Francisco Bay to share tears, hugs and their private pain - and to remember the unfathomable events of another Nov. 18.
The FBI Files: Jonestown Massacre & Congressman Leo J. Ryan
The Jonestown Massacre
Jim Jones final speech at Jonestown
A transcript of Jim Jones final speech at Jonestown, Guyana 1978
Jonestown, Guyana
Jonestown, Guyana Victims of the mass suicide.
The Jonestown Massacre, 1978
Rick Ross: Jonestown, Jim Jones and the People's Temple
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Bert is Evil! Jonestown Massacre CNN recently did a 20-year anniversery story on the Jonestown Massacre. Sensing a connection, we pushed our sources and came up with the true cause for this incident.