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Simple Facts about the Robert F. Kennedy Assassination

- Powder burns on Kennedy's clothing reveal that all three of his wounds were from a gun fired from 0 to 1-1/2 inches away. And yet, all witnesses claim that Sirhan's gun could not possibly have done this, for not one person places Sirhan's gun that close, and according to the general consensus Sirhan's gun never got closer than three feet away.

- Sirhan's gun could hold only eight bullets. And yet, seven bullets were dug out of bodies. an eighth bullet was traced through two ceilings into airspace, and two more bullets were identified as lodged in the door frame of the pantry by both LAPD and FBI personnel (the fresh bullet holes were even labeled as such on their photographs). Inexcusably, the door frames were burned, the Los Angeles Police Dept. claimed no bullets were found lodged in the "bullet holes", and two expended bullets (inexplicably dug out of wood) were soon found in the front seat of Sirhan's car. The LAPD then destroyed their records of the tests that had been done on the "bullet holes" in the doorframe.

- Three bullets were found in Robert F. Kennedy, and a fourth grazed his suit jacket. The upward angle of every shot was so steep as to be much closer to straight up than horizontal (80 degrees). And yet, all witnesses claim Sirhan's gun was completely horizontal for his first two shots, after which his gun hand was repeatedly slammed against a stem table (and now so far away from Kennedy that any errant shots of such upwardness would have been twenty feet high before reaching Kennedy, as opposed to entering Kennedy's backside as they did).

- The four bullets which touched Kennedy all hit on his back right side and were traveling forward relative to his body. Kennedy was walking towards Sirhan, his body was always facing Sirhan during the shots, and afterwards he even fell backwards before saying his last lucid words, ("Is everyone all right?") - at each and every moment facing toward Sirhan. It is impossible for bullets out of Sirhan's gun to have hit Kennedy's backside and been traveling forward unless Kennedy was almost entirely turned around.

Obviously Sirhan shot at Kennedy, but it is clear someone else was firing too. And once a second assassin is established, this adds far more than just another lone individual to the murder gang (because of the way many powerful branches of government instantly swung into action to protect the second assassin). Indeed, any second assassin virtually proves that powerful branches of U.S. Government were behind the murder itself - not only because of their stiff resistance from the get go, but because of their ongoing, coldly calculated, and otherwise inexplicable manipulation of evidence for keeping Sirhan as the singular decoy/patsy.

When a powerful branch of government commits such a murder, it only makes sense if it's top people are involved (along with as many others as needed in going downwards toward the more hands-on, lower chain of command). The branches involved in the RFK assassination are at minimum the LAPD, FBI, CIA, & Military Intelligence with deepest roots in the Pentagon. And if indeed such a group coordinated the murder of the next President of the United States, it is hard to imagine that other power centers of the U.S. would have been dangerously left out of the decision as well: such power hubs as the Federal Reserve (with it's control over money itself), the largest media puppeteers, the controllers of oil, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the outgoing and incoming Presidents. One can very rationally go further and deduce that the most viciously aggressive foreign power hubs were also (bondingly) involved in this age of New World Order global partnership (yet as bystanders in terms of this very American murder).

More to consider: On Jun 2, 1968, Sirhan was identified as entering Kennedy's Campaign headquarters on Wilshire Blvd. Larry Strick asked Sirhan if he needed help, and Sirhan pointed directly at Khaiber Khan and replied "I'm with him." Khaiber Khan is pronounced "K(eye)ber" Khan - perhaps the greatest world-wide secret agent at the time. Supposedly, when Sirhan pointed at Khan, Khan was a brand new Kennedy volunteer worker, which lasted June 1 - 4, a total of four days. In the extreme highest levels of the CIA, Khaiber Khan was a very leading figure when the U.S. toppled the government of Iran by taking out Iran's most powerful person (this was in 1953, when Mossadegh was replaced by a more corrupt Shah of Iran). When questioned about Sirhan, Khaiber Khan gave misleading responses that were more like decoys. U.S. intelligence then quickly left him alone, concentrating instead on inexplicability hounding innocent witnesses & tearing to shreds what they simply saw.

Thane Cesar was a security guard who was pressed up against Kennedy's back right side and was holding Kennedy's right arm in his left hand as Sirhan jumped out and fired his first two shots at Kennedy from several feet away. Don Schulman, the only eyewitness to correctly see that Robert Kennedy had sustained three bullet wounds, not two, saw this guard pull his gun and ostensibly fire back at Sirhan, Thane Cesar's bow tie, knocked off and lying near Bobbie Kennedy as he died, seems to have been in the exact spot where the gun needed to be located that delivered the fatal bullet moving up and forward into Kennedy's brain: pressed up tight to Kennedy's back right side, and neck high. Thane Cesar owned a .22 (the caliber of Sirhan's gun), but said he sold it before the assassination. Then he said he sold it after the assassination. Then the gun was stolen from the new owner.

Immediately following the assassination, a police All Points Bulletin was put out for a shapely, well-built woman in a polka dot dress (and the man with her) - based on a married couple who reported them fleeing the scene, the female suspect with a smile on her face, and who excitedly stated "We shot him." The APB was quickly canceled by the highest echelons of the LAPD, and all information taken down about these eye witnesses disappeared (one can only imagine if the witnesses themselves soon disappeared). Sandra Serrano was on the back stairs at assassination time. She saw Sirhan walk up the stairs with a polka dot woman and another man, and later saw the polka dot woman & man coming down the stairs alone and the woman saying "We shot him!" However, Captain Lynch would later claim he was on the back stairs at the time and that no one was there (and thus Sandra Serrano is a liar and an un-credible witness in the eyes of U.S. intelligence.) Even so, a remarkable number of people still claim that a polka dot woman "appeared to be with Sirhan " just prior to the assassination.

On June 4, the day leading up to the just-after-midnight assassination, Sirhan signed in at a firing range and was soon accompanied by a man and a shapely well built woman, according to the range master of the gun club. What a lead!, for not only did they share the a gun and a rifle between them, but the range master distinctly heard the woman say to Sirhan "Goddamn you, you son of a bitch, get out of here or they'll recognize us" (as Sirhan helped her with her gun). Later, in what seems like a case of imposters following orders, a topless bar waitress would voluntarily come forward and provide a thoroughly discredited explanation: she and her husband had innocently met Sirhan at the range and traded weapons between 4 & 5 o'clock. But this contradicted the reports of the 37 other gun club witnesses, and who indicate the coupled pegged to Sirhan arrived just after 11:00 AM and were not at the range between 4 and 5. Without this crucial explanation by the topless bar waitress, logical common sense would tell us a wider assassination network was involved (solely based on "firing range facts", let alone others such as: the teamwork between Khaiber Khan & and Sirhan; the obvious and instant sabotage (on all fronts) by U.S. Intelligence and the LAPD; Sandra Serrano's unmistakable accounts of close teamwork between Sirhan and the Polka Dot Woman/& man; the one-inch-away powder burns; the number of bullets; the upward angle of the bullets; the forward movement of the bullets in Kennedy's body). Take note that the topless bar waitress was familiar with many LAPD officers. Because the topless bar waitress came forward voluntarily, she most assuredly is not the real polka dot woman who was in different attire at the firing range, for no assassin network of this magnitude would offer up faces that must stay hidden merely for the sake of gaining a flimsy excuse. It's clear the topless bar waitress is a decoy (probably having no direct links to the polka dot woman at the range), but still a spectacular lead toward links with other levels of the assassination network. And finally, the range master was fired on June 16, and as usual, U.S. intelligence then focused it's power on destroying the crucial witness, as opposed to pursuing leads.

Sirhan thinks that he acted alone, and yet what Sirhan "thinks" isn't important at all if an additional assassin network was in place. Priority attention should be on the assassination network, not on some of Sirhan's most bizarre mental states. But let's look at the fascinating area of Sirhan's mind nonetheless. He cannot remember the assassination at all. It's as if a segment of memory was entirely erased. Until after the shooting the last thing he remembers is having coffee with a woman. He also wrote about killing RFK in trance-like states called automatic writing. Interestingly, all of the trance-like states are a group of memory segments that are entirely erased as well - even under hypnosis, he can't remember a thing about them.

As a jockey, Sirhan received a head injury in 1966, and as a result may have become one of the most deeply hypnotizable people in the world. An interesting theory is that the CIA found this out when Sirhan later explored many "mind control" groups, and that the CIA also tested this possible "hypno-patsy" beforehand as to the depth they could erase his memories.

In 1968, 400 pound Bill Bryan was said to be the "evil genius" of hypnotism, the most powerful person in his field. Supposedly "hypno-seducing" up to a dozen women a day and also working for the CIA, he bragged that the Boston Strangler & Sirhan were amongst his clients. Combining special drugs and hypnotism, would it be possible to implant the Strangler's unshakable fits of killing obsession so as to cause a triggered fit in someone else? Indeed, in Sirhan's automatic trance-writing that he can't remember, he repetitively wrote "Pay to the order of one hundred thousand dollars" and "My determination to eliminate RFK is becoming more the more of an unshakable obsession" and "Salvo Di De Salvo Die S Salvo" (Albert Di Salvo, the Boston Strangler). But no matter what the causes of Sirhan's trances and erased segments of memory, and despite his claims that he acted alone, the evidence of his teamwork with Khaiber Khan and the Polka Dot Woman, along with the overwhelming certainty of another gun pumping the fatal shots into Robert F. Kennedy from behind, prove that Sirhan did not act alone, and played the decoy patsy for an assassination network that clearly extends to the very heights of U.S. power.

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