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Iran Contra Scandal

Walsh Iran / Contra Report
Index FINAL REPORT OF THE INDEPENDENT COUNSEL FOR IRAN/CONTRA MATTERS. Volume I: Investigations and Prosecutions Lawrence E. Walsh ...   (Google, Yahoo!, AltaVista, HotBot, Lycos, AllTheWeb, MSN)
Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia: Iran-Contra Affair
… Presidents | GME Contents | IRAN -CONTRA AFFAIR The tangled U.S. foreign-policy scandal known as the Iran -contra affair came to light in November … 1990) Kornbluh, Peter, ed., The Iran -Contra ...   (Lycos, AllTheWeb, HotBot, Google, AltaVista, MSN)
allRefer Reference - Oliver Laurence North
Know details on political career, achievements, and life of the American military officer who emerged as the central figure in the Iran Contra Affair. Read on the affair.   (MSN)
Iran/contra affair
Documents related to the Iran/contra affair. The ... Summary of the Report of the Independent Counsel for Iran/contra matters. Interim ...   (Google, Yahoo!, AltaVista)
Walsh Iran / Contra Report - Executive Summary
... gave line-level personnel the opportunity to commit money crimes. The Basic Facts of Iran/contra The Iran/contra affair concerned two secret Reagan Administration policies whose operations were ...   (AltaVista, HotBot, MSN)
Scandal? What Scandal? Bush's Iran-Contra appointees are barely a...
… Scandal? What Scandal? Bush's Iran -Contra appointees are barely a story … Bush's appointment of numerous Iran -Contra veterans to key posts. But with … e., lying) over his role in the Iran...   (Lycos, AllTheWeb, AltaVista, Google)
Iran-Contra Affair - Wikipedia
... from 1980 to 1988 (see Iran-Iraq War), and diverted the proceeds to the Contra rebels fighting to overthrow the leftist ...   (HotBot, MSN)
Death Of A Nation
Looks at American scandals and conflicts such as Iran contra, Watergate, the JFK assassination, and the Gulf War. Takes a liberal view.   (MSN)
Iran/Contra, Independent Counsel, Summary of Report
... The Basic Facts of Iran/contra. ... When these operations ended, the exposure of the Iran/contra affair generated a new round of illegality. ...   (Google)
Iran-Contra Affair: The Making of a Scandal, 1983-1988
features the background and history of the Iran-Contra affair.   (Yahoo!, Lycos, AllTheWeb, Google, HotBot, MSN)
Common Dreams - Drug Fight in Colombia Questioned
Read an article about how Oliver North's Iran Contra gun runners are now busy in Colombia.   (MSN)
The Iran-Contra Affair, 1983-1988
THE IRAN-CONTRA AFFAIR 1 9 8 3 - 1 9 8 8. Oliver ... Overview. Title: The Iran Contra-Affair: The Making of a Scandal, 1983-1988. Content: Reproduces ...   (Google, HotBot, AltaVista, Lycos, AllTheWeb, MSN)
Walsh Iran/Contra Report - Chapter 30: Donald T. Regan
1993 report by independent counsel Lawrence E. Walsh that includes a section on Regan's role in the scandal.   (Yahoo!)
Al Martin Raw: Political, Economic Financial Intelligence
... as well as exclusive market commentary by Al Martin, America's foremost whistle-blower on government fraud and corruption, author of 'The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider'   (AltaVista)
National Security Archive/Publications/Documents Readers/The Iran ...
The Iran-Contra Scandal: The Declassified History. ... Table of Contents from The Iran-Contra Scandal: The Declassified History. Part One: The Contras. ...   (Google)
Nicaraguan Contras and Cocaine
selections from the Senate Committee Report on Drugs, Law Enforcement and Foreign Policy.   (Yahoo!)
Meet Big Brother - John Poindexter and the Iran Contra Reunion Tour
... The CIA, the Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion The Conspirators Secrets of an Iran-Contra Insider Iran Contra Success Stories Scandals and convictions couldn't hold these men back from ...   (AltaVista, Lycos, AllTheWeb, Google)
Oliver North and the Iran-Contra Arms Deal
Read a brief discussion of the scandal and find comments left by other readers.   (MSN, Google)
Walsh Iran/Contra Report: Chapter 31 - Edwin Meese III
details Meese's involvement in the Iran/Contra affair.   (Yahoo!)
The Dubya Report - Convicted Iran-Contra Figure to Head New Agency
… Articles Convicted Iran -Contra Figure to Head New Office In-Depth … evidence in connection with the Iran -Contra affair, was appointed to head the … administration, in addition to his Iran...   (Lycos, AllTheWeb)
Bush book: Chapter -18-
George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography --- by Webster G. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin Chapter -XVIII- Iran- Contra ``What pleases the prince has the force of law.''   (HotBot, MSN, Google)
Iranian Professionals Providing Engineering Services
directory of engineering firms, consultants, contractors, suppliers, and organizations.   (Yahoo!)
Compare Prices on Coverup - Behind the Iran-Contra Affair (1988) at (coverup)
... on the products and the sellers. All at Movie title: Coverup - Behind the Iran-Contra Affair (1988) . . . . Number of sellers: 5 . . . . Price range: $13.00 - $30.00 . . . . Last ...   (AltaVista)
Iran-contra affair
Encyclopedia Iran -contra affair Iran -contra affair, in U.S. history, secret arrangement in the 1980s to … contra rebels from profits gained by selling arms to Iran . The Iran -contra affair was...   (Lycos, AllTheWeb, HotBot, MSN)
Iran-Contra Affair - Wikipedia
Iran-Contra Affair. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. ... The Iran-Contra Affair is significant because it brought many questions into public view: ...   (Google)
transportation contracting specializing in work-overs, well stimulation and mud logging.   (Yahoo!)
CNN Cold War - Backyard: Interactive Archive
... Iran-Contra: White House e-mail. ... Investigators from the FBI and the Tower Commission subsequently used these tapes to reconstruct the Iran-Contra scandal. ...   (Google, HotBot, AllTheWeb)
Hydro Machine Company
provides prefabricated sewage treatment plants as well as project contracting and consulting.   (Yahoo!) Hostile Witnesses
... L. Liman Sunday, August 16, 1998 When John Poindexter And Oliver North took the stand in the Iran-Contra hearings, they kept the lid on a Presidential scandal far more serious than today's. At a ...   (AltaVista, HotBot, Google)
History Channel - Speeches - Ronald Reagan, fortieth U.S. president:...
RealAudio excerpt of Reagan's recount of his visit to Germany, during which he urged Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall.   (Lycos, AllTheWeb, Google)
The Contras, Cocaine, and Covert Operations
... the notebooks kept by NSC aide and Iran-contra figure Oliver North, electronic mail messages written ... administration officials, memos detailing the contra war effort, and FBI and DEA ...   (HotBot, MSN)
Iran-contra affair
... Iran-contra affair. ... The Iran-contra affair was the product of two separate initiatives during the administration of President Ronald Reagan. ...   (Google)
Savrai, Dr P. and Associates
offers a variety of business law areas including contracts, trademarks, dispute, and arbitration.   (Yahoo!)
Oliver North
Broadcasting from the Nation's Capitol, Ollie takes calls Monday through Friday, 3 to 6 PM EST.   (Lycos, AllTheWeb)
The Iran-Contra Affair
... Investigating the Iran-Contra Affair issued in November 1987, the sale of U.S. arms to Iran through Israel began ...   (HotBot, Google) Video: Coverup - Behind the Iran-Contra Affair (1988)   (Google)
Khomeini's Children
documentary film that presents and contrasts the complex and sometimes contradictory persona of Iran's post-revolution generation.   (Yahoo!)
The American Experience | Reagan | People & Events | The Iran-Contra...
People & Events The Iran-Contra Affair written by Julie Wolf Ronald Reagan's efforts to eradicate Communism spanned the globe, but the insurgent Contras' cause in Nicaragua was particularly dear ......   (HotBot, Google)
The Iran-Iraq war & the Iran-Contra scandal
The Sydney Morning Herald alerted ASIO, which alerted ASIS, which alerted Mossad   (AllTheWeb) Books: Firewall: The Iran-Contra Conspiracy and Cover ...   (Google)
Oliver North and Me
An eclectic mix of articles, photos and links about Oliver North.   (AllTheWeb)
Yahoo! Directory 1980s > Iran Contra Affair
Directory Home - Yahoo! - Help 1980s > Iran Contra Affair Directory > Arts > Humanities > History > By Time Period > 20th Century > 1980s > Iran Contra Affair Search the Web just this category ...   (HotBot, Google)
Wired News: Keeping Track of John Poindexter
The head of the government's Total Information Awareness project, which aims to root out potential terrorists by aggregating credit-card, travel, medical, school and other records of everyone in the United States, has himself become a target of personal...,1283,56860,00.html   (AllTheWeb)
Teflon? The Iran-Contra Scandal (Morgana's Observatory)
Lest we forget? Why Oliver North is no hero -- the facts, only the facts. ... forget...) Loosely known as the Iran-Contra affair, a bizarre network of arms sales to Iran designed to win release of ...   (HotBot, Google)
We're just as concerned as the next person with protecting privacy," John Poindexter recently told The Washington Post. Maybe, if the next person happens to be J. Edgar Hoover   (AllTheWeb)
IRAN / CONTRA. ...   (Google)
Executive Summary, Independent Council's Report on Iran-Contra (1987)
Executive Summary, Independent Council's Report on Iran-Contra (1987) In October and November 1986, two secret U.S. Government operations were publicly exposed, potentially implicating Reagan ... ......   (HotBot)
Results of the Hearings on CIA misdeeds, 1973 Church Committee. NCOIC
Our Presidents should not be able to conduct secret operations which violate our principles, jeopardize our rights, and have not been subject to the checks and balances which normally keep policies in line   (AllTheWeb)
Asia Times - Iran-Contra, amplified
Middle East. Iran-Contra, amplified By Jim Lobe WASHINGTON - A specter of the Iran-Contra affair is haunting Washington. Even some ...   (Google)
The Consortium
Firewall: Inside the Iran-Contra Cover-up By Robert Parry WASHINGTON -- In crucial ways, Watergate, the signature scandal of the 1970s, and Iran-contra, the signature scandal of the 1980s, were ......   (HotBot, Google)
The Octopus
UNTANGLING THE OCTOPUS by Steve Mizrach October Surprise, Iran-Contra, Noriega, Iraqgate, and BCCI Before he died in an ineptly performed 'suicide,' the young journalist Danny Casolaro was working on a book that he claimed tied together...   (AllTheWeb)
Disinformation :: The gateway to the underground - news, politics, conspiracy and...
The gateway to the underground - news, politics, conspiracy and weirdness.   (AllTheWeb)
Iran Contra Success Stories
Iran Contra Success Stories Background Facts: Iran Contra Affair. Click on the names to read about each man's role in the Iran-Contra scandal. ...   (Google)
NARA | Research Room | Records of Lawrence Walsh relating to...
... Miscellaneous Press Clippings Regarding Oliver L. North. Early Contra and Iran News Stories, 1986 ...   (HotBot, Google)
Guardian Unlimited | Guardian daily comment | This perfect system
The elite American press prides itself on its old-fashioned inaccessibility: grey type, don't-read-me layout, and, on a bad day, totally impenetrable prose. Perhaps the Washington Post has already revealed that Osama bin Laden is working in an attorney's...,3604,842997,00.html   (AllTheWeb)
CJR Archives
... felt coverage on Iran-contra was good; 70 percent called it fair to poor. Without a doubt, Iran-contra was a tough beat. ...   (HotBot)
Iran-Contra Paperback 0812924568 book
Iran-Contra in Paperback, ISBN 0812924568, (condition - Brand New). Search for other books by ARRAY(0x866cdd0). We have millions of new & used books at bargain prices.   (AllTheWeb)
Conspiracy Planet - Iran-Contra - New Book Reveals Secrets of Iran ...
... Home | Iran-Contra Channel. ... New Book Reveals Secrets of Iran-Contra by URI DOWBENKO. ... Other Top Stories New Book Reveals Secrets of Iran-Contra by URI DOWBENKO. ...   (Google)
Digital National Security Archive, Introductions
The Iran-Contra Scandal in Perspective. ... To gain a fuller understanding of the Iran-Contra Affair, it is important to view it in its broader context. ...   (Google)
AlterNet: A Bigger, Badder Sequel to Iran-Contra
... A Bigger, Badder Sequel to Iran-Contra. By Jim Lobe, Inter Press Service August 13, 2003. The specter of the Iran-Contra affair is haunting Washington. ...   (Google)
Iran-contra contact linked to White House -
... down the importance of the contacts, particularly with one participant - a discredited Iranian dealmaker who had played a role in the Iran-contra affair in the ...   (Google)   (Google)
Iran-Contra gangsters resurface in Bush administration
Iran-Contra gangsters resurface in Bush administration. By Patrick Martin 1 August 2001. ...   (Google)
Iran-Contra, Amplified
... Manichur Ghorbanifar, an Iranian arms merchant who became the key link between the NSC's Oliver North, the operational head of Iran Contra, and the so-called ...   (Google)
Iran-contra affair. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001
... 2001. Iran-contra affair. ... The Iran-contra affair was the product of two separate initiatives during the administration of President Ronald Reagan. ...   (Google)
The Iran Contra Scandal
A page with a time line of events in the Iran Contra scandal with descriptions of what happened. ... Game!! The Iran Contra Scandal. This ...   (Google)
Walsh Iran / Contra Report - Summary of Prosecutions
... On May 11, 1989, a second indictment was issued charging nine counts of impeding and obstructing the Select Iran/contra Committees. ...   (Google)
Iran Contra Pardons Saved Poppy Bush February 19, 2001 Iran Contra Pardons Saved Poppy Bush By Robert Parry. ... Walsh had exposed details of the long-running Iran-contra cover-up. ...   (Google)
House and Senate. Iran-Contra Committee Members and Staff. 1987
House and Senate. Iran-Contra Committee Members and Staff. 1987. ... Name index for House and Senate. Iran-Contra Committee Members and Staff. ...   (Google)
Reader's Companion to American History - -IRAN-CONTRA AFFAIR
The Reader's Companion to American History. IRAN-CONTRA AFFAIR. The Iran-Contra affair grew out of a series of covert actions in foreign ...   (Google)
The Reagan Information Page:Speeches:Iran-Contra.
The Reagan Information Page. Iran-Contra. President Reagan addressed the nation from the White House concerning Iran-Contra on March 4th, 1987. ...   (Google)
Chris Holt : AFDQ / Contra cards
Lest we forget: IRAN-CONTRA Trading Cards. ... That's stupid. We know who the people were who were involved in Iran-Contra. We should keep them out of power. ...   (Google)
Presidential Scandals: Iran-Contra Affair
IRAN-CONTRA AFFAIR. The foreign-policy scandal known as the Iran-Contra Affair was revealed in 1986, when US president Ronald Reagan ...   (Google)
Christic Institute RICO Iran Contra CIA
Christic Institute RICO Ronald Reagan George Bush Iran-Contra Iran Contra guns for drugs Oliver North Louis Tambs CIA Nicaragua. ... Chapter -XVIII- Iran- Contra. ...   (Google)
Iran-Contra. aka Irangate. The Constitution contains a one-sentence definition of treason: ... 1 Dec 1986, Reagan appoints the Tower Commission to review Iran Contra. ...   (Google)
WHO'S WHO IN IRAN-CONTRA (At Least 19 Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) MEMBERS were involved inthe Iran-Contra Affair . ... Iran-Contra events. ...   (Google)
Iran / Contra Rehab
Iran / Contra Rehab. by David Corn. ... The Bush Administration is turning into one big rehab center for the Iran/contra schemers of the Reagan/Bush White House. ...   (Google)
Marshall,J... The Iran-Contra Connection. 1987
The Iran-Contra Connection: Secret Teams and Covert Operations in the Reagan Era. ... [Database program]. Name index for Marshall,J... The Iran-Contra Connection. ...   (Google)
AllRefer Encyclopedia - Iran-contra affair (US History) ... reference and encyclopedia resource provides complete information on Iran-contra affair, US History. ... Iran-contra affair, US History. ...   (Google)
MSN Encarta - Iran-Contra Affair
... Iran-Contra Affair. ...   (Google)
Die Iran - Contra Affäre
Die Iran - Contra Affäre. ... english. ISBN: 360894303X; ISBN: 360894303X; ISBN: 360894303X; ISBN: 360894303X, Wir empfehlen: Die Iran - Contra Affäre. ...   (Google)
Iran/Contra scandal - Disinfopedia
Iran/Contra scandal. (Redirected from Iran-Contra). Related Disinfopedia Links. Plan Condor. External Links. Iran-Contra Affair Wikipedia; ...   (Google)
Iran-Contra Affair - Wikipedia
Iran-Contra Affair. (Redirected from Iran-Contra scandal). ... The Iran-Contra Affair is significant because it brought many questions into public view: ...   (Google)
The Empowerment Project::Coverup: Behind the Iran Contra Affailr
Coverup: Behind the Iran Contra AffairCoverup: Behind the Iran Contra Affair is the third feature-length documentary produced by the Empowerment Project. ...   (Google)
McSweeney's Internet Tendency: A Recounting of the Iran-Contra ...
... Reagan put an arm around Ollie, communicated the essence of Iran-Contra in four brisk sentences, and immediately snapped back to his Disneyland Hall of ...   (Google)
truthout - Iran-Contra Figure Back in Political Forefront
... Tuesday 27 May 2003. Iran-Contra Figure Plays Key Role on Mideast. ... Abrams also had problems with Congress over the Iran-contra scandal. ...   (Google)
Coverup: Behind the Iran-Contra Affair
The Iran-Contra scandal was not an aberration - it was part of a pattern of abuses of power by a shadow government willing to subvert domestic and ...   (Google)
Michael Ledeen on Iran on National Review Online
August 14, 2003, 8:45 am Iran-Contra Revisited? Our dangerous Iran policy continues. ven for August, the media's handling of the ...   (Google)
100 Photographs - Iran-Contra
Iran-Contra. ... 11/25/86. C38118-29, President Reagan motioning to Ed Meese during a White House Press Briefing on Iran-Contra. 11/25/86. ...   (Google)
Iran Contra Scandal
Iran Contra Affair. When most people think of US Arab relations, the Iran Contra affair comes to mind along with Saddam Hussane, the Gulf War and the price of ...   (Google)
Iran-contra affair on
Iran-contra affair,in US history, secret arrangement in the 1980s to provide funds to the Nicaraguan contra rebels from profits gained by selling arms to Iran. ...   (Google)
Columns: Iran-Contra players return to power
... Iran-Contra players return to power. ... Poindexter is also only one of several former Iran-Contra players who have been restored to power by President Bush. ...   (Google)
Iran-Contra and al Qaeda
... Iran-Contra and al Qaeda. ... Bruce Sterling has a fantastic article in Wired linking the concepts behind the Iran-Contra scandal with present day al Qaeda. ...   (Google)
Questions About Bush's Iran-Contra Role Resurface
Questions About Bush's Iran-Contra Role Resurface. By Doyle McManus Los Angeles Times WASHINGTON. Like dogged ghosts from a past that ...   (Google)
Iran Contra Pardon Cast
The Men in the Shadows. Biographies of the six men pardoned by George Bush for their role in Iran-Contra Scandal. Actual pardon on next page. Casper Weinberger. ...   (Google)
Double-Crossed by Uri Dowbenko
... Cmdr. Al Martin (US Navy, Ret) has now decided to go public and tell the whole story of the Iran Contra Conspiracy. ... About Iran Contra. ...   (Google)
Iran Contra Affair (Light) -- Experience Nicaragua
Iran-Contra Affair The American political scandal which has become known as the Iran-Contra Affair occurred in 1985 and 1986. First ...   (Google)
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