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Iraq War Lies          
The Rot At the Center of the Empire
  Last weekend’s announcement that the U.S. government had relied on
fake and false evidence in the attempt to secure approval of its upcoming invasion of Iraq was, by and large, met by a collective yawn from the American people, especially the members of Congress. It’s just one more example of the depths of moral depravity to which our nation has fallen.
Myths and Realities Regarding Iraq Sanctions
  Sanctions target the weakest and most vulnerable members of the Iraqi society-the poor, elderly, newborn, sick, and young. Many equate sanctions with violence. The sanctions, coupled with pain inflicted by US and UK military Organization (WHO) note a marked decline in health and nutrition throughout Iraq. . .
 Arming Iraq and the Path To War
  This is an accurate chronology of United States' involvement in the arming of Iraq Iraq the fall of the Shah of Iran.
Iraq War Lies   (Google, Lycos, HotBot, MSN, BBCi, Teoma)
Iraq: Truth and Lies in Baghdad   (Yahoo!)
AlterNet: Special Coverage: War on Iraq
Biggest Lies Bush Told Us About Iraq dissects how and why the president abused the truth and exploited 9/11 in order to wage a misguided war...   (Teoma, MSN, BBCi)
Foreign Affairs Committee Report
BBCRecommendedThis report details the factors involved in the government's decision to go to war with Iraq   (BBCi)
AlterNet: Ten Appalling Lies We Were Told About Iraq   (Google, HotBot), ...
Largest Official Campaign2004 Political Internet Portal in the United States of America, dedicated to all patriotic Americans. United We Stand Together as one country.   (Lycos, HotBot, MSN, BBCi) Vote No War
...the Bush Administration and Congress to Get U.S. Troops Out of Iraq Now. ... We will stand together for civil rights and against war   (Teoma)
Foreign & Commonwealth Office - Relations with Iraq
BBCRecommendedThe Government's stance on Iraq is outlined here through factsheets, speeches and interviews   (BBCi)
News   (Google, BBCi, HotBot)
Iraq Home Page
For more than a decade, Saddam Hussein has deceived and defied the will and resolutions of the United Nations Security
Council by, among other things: continuing to seek and develop chemical ...   (Lycos, HotBot, MSN, BBCi)
The Observer | Special reports | Revealed: US dirty tricks to win
...lies, but we must not be fooled again. Will Iraq's ... Revealed: US dirty tricks to win vote on Iraq war Secret document details American plan...,12239,905936,00.html   (Teoma)
ArabNet - Iraq
BBCRecommendedThis introduction to Iraq offers information on the country's history and geography   (BBCi)
Iraq war lies rebound on Australian PM   (Google)
WSWS : News & Analysis : Middle East : Iraq
Coverage of the ongoing US and UN aggression against Iraq   (Lycos, HotBot, MSN)
Iraq War Debate
Iraq War Debate - 2002/2004. Documents in the News Special and Political Science 498 Dr. Raymond Tanter...   (Teoma, HotBot)
Iraq war lies and impeachment: Official Washington tiptoes round ...   (Google, Teoma, HotBot)
*Ø* Wilson's Almanac free daily ezine | Myths of the War on Terrorism...
Powell Laden tape lie Iraq war lies myths Bush terrorism Blair media PR public relations spin war wag the dog weapons destruction   (Lycos, HotBot, MSN, Teoma, BBCi)
Bush White House in crisis over Iraq war lies
Bush White House in crisis over Iraq war lies...   (Teoma)
Stop the War Coalition (UK)
Stop The War Coalition ... The Stop the War Coalition is holding a Party for ... The War on Iraq, The War on our Rights ... Latest: Kofi Annan: Iraq War was Illegal TUC 2004: motion ...   (BBCi)
Top 30 Bush - Iraq Lies: A Reference For Seekers of Truth   (Google, HotBot)
Americans Against World Empire, Americans Against Bombing
Americans Against Bombing Iraq, Kosovo, Serbia, American Foreign Policy, Constitutionalism, UN Charter Nuremberg
Declaration, Blockading, starvation, Washington's War Party, Sanctions, Movie Reviews ...   (Lycos, HotBot, MSN, BBCi)   (Google, MSN)
AlterNet: Special Coverage: War on Iraq
Search AlterNet: Buy The Book! Explosive and timely, The Five Biggest Lies Bush Told Us About Iraq dissects how and why the president abused the truth and exploited 9/11 in order to wage a misguided...^SSHPM[L7Vm~n?H~m?Svz
l6&e=latin1&r=6&d=www-en-us&n=EB545H5ILH842438&s=2&t=&m=4150AE8B&x=0112D82EBB20E261   (Lycos)
ZNet |Terror War | Iraq War
Recent Terror War. Shifting the War to Iran. 16 words. United Colors of America ... Iraq War. A Policy of Christian and Jewish Fundamentalism; Worse lies ahead ... House, Milne sees the chicken hawk planners of the Iraq war circling "around Syria and Iran ...   (MSN, Lycos, HotBot)
sp!ked-politics | Issues | War on Iraq
It's politics, Jim, but not as we know it. In a UK election where nobody wants to talk about politics, spiked-election asks the questions politicians and their friendly critics want to avoid. ... Iraq war: why all the shock and awe now? ... are we surprised by war lies? Those shocked by the 'sexed-up' evidence against Iraq appear to have forgotten ...   (BBCi)
War, Lies and WMDs by Richard Cummings   (Google)
Vote Bush Out - Iraq War Lies
Anglo-American Imperial Occupation Forces promise to "stay the course" to. bring "Democracy" to Iraq. Bush Administration ... Bush Administration. Lies About Iraq War: 1. Powell relies on FORGED documents to link Saddam to ... Nations and an imminent war in Iraq, the friendship between the United ...   (MSN, Lycos, HotBot)
Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | I'm an American tired of American lies
Search this site. In this section. I'm an American tired of American lies. Woody Harrelson. Thursday
October 17, 2002. The Guardian. The man who drives me to and from work is named Woody too. ... Iraqi in the late 80s while Iran and Iraq
were at war. I didn't know at the time that the ...,3604,813189,00.html   (BBCi)
Revision Thing (   (Google) | Iraq War: Lies the Government Told Us
Download this article in pdf format bIraq/b bWar/b: bLies/b the Government Told Us ... Andrei | 27.05.2003 23:45...   (Teoma)
Regime Unchanged & War Plan Iraq
... the lies that propelled the criminal attack on Iraq.' John Pilger. As the controversy over the war and its ... previous book WAR PLAN IRAQ, anti-war activist Milan ...   (BBCi)
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LP News Online: June 2004: Convention speaker to discuss Iraq War
E-MAIL THIS PAGE PRINTABLE VERSION. Convention speaker to discuss Iraq War 'lies'   (Teoma)
... Lies about Arming Iraq. Gulf War Lies. Lies about the Iraqi Threat ... Cheney has lied about Halliburton's
deals in Saddam's Iraq. Lies about Arming Iraq ...   (MSN, HotBot, Google)
20 Lies About the War
... to Plain Untruth Were Used to Make the Case for War. More Lies are Being Used in the Aftermath. by Glen Rangwala and Raymond Whitaker. 1. Iraq was responsible ...   (Google)
Dennis Kucinich for President, 2004 - Iraq War
Dennis Kucinich for President - Read the Congressman's views on the war in Iraq, including why the U.S.
should be out and the U.N. should be in. ... This war in Iraq is still a vital issue in this country ... has been
nothing but a trail of lies that led the United States into its involvement in Iraq ...   (MSN, HotBot)
Socialist Party anti-war campaign
Socialist Party website, updated weekly with extracts from The Socialist newspaper, Petitions and much more. ...
Lies, Lies, Lies. Iraq War: The Guilty Men ... The Iran-Iraq War which lasted from 1980 to 1988 cost one million
lives and an astronomical $1,190 billion ...   (BBCi)
Facts Truth News War Oil Iraq US Lies Media Protests World ...
... Highly Acclaimed World Messenger Facts & Truth - The US Government, 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, Oil, and ... War On Terrorism ... Americans are fed lies and fake photo-ops ...   (Google)
A List of Bush LIES on Iraq - BuzzFlash Reader Commentary
BuzzFlash Reader Commentary. March 27, 2003. MORE. BuzzFlash. A List of Bush LIES on Iraq. A BUZZFLASH READER COMMENTARY. by Kelley Kramer ... United Nations and an imminent war in Iraq, the friendship between the United States ... War, lies and audiotape If truth is the first casualty of war, then this ...   (MSN, HotBot, Google)
Untitled Page
... suspect that the media have not told you the full truth about the Iraq War, read this book ... to justify the war on Iraq... Tell me lies is a breath ...   (BBCi)
Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | BBC chiefs stress need to ...
... Latest news Breaking news on the Iraq crisis Special report: Iraq - the media war War Watch 11.04.2003: Thoughts from the home front 11.04.2003: When are facts ...,2763,924172,00.html   (Google)
CorpWatch: Iraq: 20 Lies About the War
Falsehoods Ranging from Exaggeration to Plain Untruth Were Used to Make the Case for War. More Lies are Being Used in the Aftermath ... Iraq: 20 Lies About the War. Falsehoods Ranging from Exaggeration to Plain Untruth Were Used to Make the Case for War. More Lies are Being Used in ...   (MSN, HotBot)
WHO LIES : Gulf War Lies
... Lies about the Iraqi Threat. Lies about Profits. Lies about Arming Iraq. :: Gulf War Lies. ..:: Pentagon lied that Iraqi forces stood at Saudi border. ...   (Google) - IRAQ - A WAR BASED ON LIES
IRAQ - A WAR BASED ON LIES ... IRAQ - A WAR BASED ON LIES ... History will remember the war on Iraq as an unlawful conquest, as tomorrow's history books are written based on today's ...   (BBCi)
Iraq Lies
Learn about media deception. Read the news that the TV news networks ... UNCOVERED: The Whole Truth About the Iraq War. Please help to support by getting ... of Bush/Iraq Lies. Arming Iraq and the Path to War ...   (MSN, HotBot, Google)
Iraq - the war & after - openDemocracy
... Iraq - the war & after. Iraq: war or not? ... Topic: Truth and Lies in Iraq. Replies: 11 Pages: 1 Last Post: 16-Jan-2004 13:37 by: brcosin ...   (BBCi)
Apparatus of Lies: Saddams Disinformation and Propaganda 1990 ...
... Uranium Scare Medical Facts on Iraqi Chemical Weapons Exposure. Exploiting Islam: The Hajj Shakedowns Oppression of Shia Muslims The Gulf War: Lies About Non ...   (Google)
Revealed: How the road to war was paved with lies. ... Blair of distorting and fabricating evidence in rush to war. ... The case for invading Iraq to remove its weapons ...   (Google)
FrontPage :: French Lies About Iraq by Nidra Poller
French Lies About Iraq, ... Guerre à outrances / Comment la presse nous a désinformés sur lIrak / War of Wor[l]ds: how the [French] press lied about Iraq. ...   (Google)
Guardian Unlimited | Guardian daily comment | Hugo Young: Bush may yet fall victim to the electors' revenge
Search this site. In this section. Comment. Bush may yet fall victim to the electors' revenge. The growing doubts over the Iraq war threaten the president. Hugo Young in Vermont ... time, but none like Iraq War Two. Most, in the ... Besides, the Iraq war continues to be blessed in many ...,3604,1029225,00.html   (BBCi)
9-11 Lies
LIES: FACTS: Focus on Al Qaeda Pre-9/11. ... 700 Millions of dollars Bush admin istration diverted from war against Al Qaeda to prepare for Iraq war. ...   (Google)
HOME. Fact Sheets (3) 2000 Election Result. Tax Cuts. War Against Iraq. Links. Version 1.0d Revised 3/6/2003 ... 13 MYTHS ABOUT THE CASE FOR WAR IN IRAQ ... Meet Up to Oppose Iraq War. ...   (HotBot)
| Media Workers Against War |
... for civilians in the southern Iraqi city of Basra during the Iraq war, says a human-rights group ... the silence- Truth and lies in the war on terror", at the ...   (BBCi)
In war, some facts less factual |
... actually show that the probability of Iraq having [threatening ... Rumsfeld noted occasions during World War II when ... must be accompanied by a bodyguard of lies.". ...   (Google, HotBot)
Bush Administration Lies
Update Links are Below. Big lies are often hard to refute, it's the little lies that can be proven false. ... Just like in the first (Father) Bush Iraq war, when supposed photos, (see Christian Science Monitor) of Iraqi ... 19/03 10 Lies About Iraq for Making War good summary of ...   (HotBot) » 41 US Iraq War Dead in December
... toll up slightly February []. Pingback by » US War Dead in Iraq for May June 1, 2004 @ 1:55 pm. [] US deaths in ...   (Google)
Guardian Unlimited | Guardian daily comment | Our lies led us into ...
... inquiries to discover why reporters reproduce the government's lies. ... the media before the invasion of Iraq were massive ... Britain could have gone to war if the ...,3604,1264809,00.html   (Google)
Saul Landau: Iraq War: a Policy of Christian and Jewish...
America's Best Political Newsletter. ... Unfolding Nightmare: Inside the Humanitarian Disaster in Post-War Iraq; Good News, Bad News: Countering the Flood of ... April 26, 2003. Iraq War: Worse Lies...   (HotBot)
FindLaw's Writ - Dean: Missing Weapons Of Mass Destruction
... reality only increases the sense that the President's misstatements may actually have been intentional lies. Investigating The Iraqi War Intelligence Reports. ...   (Google)
Iraq, Lies & War
... Frontpage. Iraq, Lies & War. Who Forged the Letters That Sucked The World into War? ... ejaculatory tweaking of American war hysteria over Iraq which aroused 73% of the ...   (HotBot)
20 Lies About the Iraq War
20 Lies About the Iraq War GLEN RANGWALA and RAYMOND WHITAKER. July 13, 2003. Falsehoods ranging from exaggeration ...   (Google, HotBot)
Iraq Antiwar Resources
Iraq antiwar resources web site of Psychoanalysts for Peace and Justice. ... Iran in the Iran-Iraq war and kept as a prisoner ... Information unraveling lies about what occurred during the war will...   (HotBot)
War Lies
... that Iraq was an "imminent" threat, and therefore it should be absolved for overstating the case for war and misleading the American people about Iraq's WMD. ...   (Google, HotBot)
Revision Thing (
All text is verbatim from senior Bush Administration officials and advisers. In places, tenses have been changed for clarity. ... A history of the Iraq war, told entirely in lies ... We didn't want...   (HotBot)
Homer Simpson Exposes Iraq War Lies
... Free Newsletter Shop Syndication (RSS). Homer Simpson Exposes Iraq War Lies. Tonight on the Simpson's, Homer is looking ...   (Google) » Iraq War Deaths
... Iraq War Deaths. Ive updated my earlier posting comparing the number of US deaths in Iraq and Vietnam ... crime against humanity, justified by lies and pursued by people who lack ...   (HotBot)
Buchanan Against the Empire- by Justin Raimondo
... evidence that the conflation of American and Israeli interests lies at the ... Francis Fukuyama's vigorous dissent from his former allies support for the Iraq war. ...   (Google)
A Chart of Bush Lies about Iraq - A BuzzFlash Reader Commentary
BuzzFlash Reader Commentary. July 22, 2003. MORE. BuzzFlash. A Chart of Bush Lies about Iraq. A BUZZFLASH READER COMMENTARY. Did George W. Bush Invade Iraq by Lying? ... Why did Bush start a war that: ...   (HotBot)
Howard justifies Iraq war with lies
... Howard justifies Iraq war with lies. On June 18, Prime Minister John Howard addressed the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, a ...   (Google)
Daily Kos: War Archives
... PM over war lies. October 10, 2003 - Bush's bad timing. October 9, 2003 - Violence continues in Iraq ... July 18, 2003 - Iraq war WAS about the oil ...   (HotBot)
News Article
Iraq War Lies May Lead to Impeachment of Prime Minister Blair. ...   (Google)
The Village Voice: Features: Bush's Ever Shifting Absolutes by Sydney...
... Let Us Count the Lies on the Road to War. Bush's Ever Shifting Absolutes ... opposition, authorizing the president to wage war against Iraq. The resistive Democrats were mollified ...   (HotBot)
When contemplating war, beware of babies in incubators | csmonitor ...   (Google)
untitled   (HotBot)
The 'Ignoble Liars' Behind Bush's Deadly Iraq War   (Google)
Truth About War [home]
... are simply lies, unvarnished by any cover of truth. We're told that a war on Iraq is the next ... We're told that war on Iraq is the only way ...   (HotBot) DVD: Uncovered - The Whole Truth About the Iraq War ...   (Google)
Eight Washington Lies About Iraq
Eight Washington Lies About Iraq. by Jon Basil Utley. 7/31/02. ONE. IRAQ WAS INVOLVED IN THE 9/11 ATTACK ON AMERICA OR IS CLOSE TO OBTAINING NUCLEAR WEAPONS. ... For the Iraq war it was lies about babies being thrown out of incubators, "testified" to a Congressional Committee ...   (HotBot)
Brian Cloughley: Iraq War Memories are Made of Lies   (Google)
Iraq Lies
Site dedicated to holding President George W. Bush for his lies and deceptions. First page features lies about Iraq from the current prisoner abuse to WMDs. ... been blind-sided by the abuse of prisoners in Iraq. In May 2004, Bush told Ara ... Bush Justified A War With Lies. The Bush Administration's Iraq strategy appeared to ...   (HotBot)
Howard censured over push for war with Iraq -   (Google), Largest Official Campaign2004 Political...
Largest Official Campaign2004 Political Internet Portal in the United States of America, dedicated to all patriotic Americans. United We Stand Together as one country. ... it "because we could" New...   (HotBot)
Howard's Iraq war lies continue to unravel   (Google, HotBot) : Officials: 9/11 Was Main Reason for War
The administration?s real motive for going to war was to send a message to budding terrorists and force real change in the Middle East, officials tell ABCNEWS. ... to go to war with Iraq that had nothing to ... its case for war with Iraq, the Bush administration argued ... had another reason for war — a global show of American ...   (HotBot)
Convention speaker to discuss Iraq War 'lies' -   (Google)
Iraq War Based on Lies: Carter§ion=0&article=41733   (Google)
Bush and his Iraq war 'lies' get big play at Cannes film festival   (Google)
Arab Media Watch - Iraq war lies: Articles from January 11
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The Iraq War
... War on Iraq is illogical and hysterical. Congressman Paul exposes the lies about this war. US ... presidential lying about war. Neocons planned Iraq war years ago ...   (HotBot)
SRA : News
... All News is Lies. ... that the Bush administration constantly and doggedly claims that the United Nations is the source of the legitimacy of the Iraq war, and that ...   (Google)
U.S. Hands Off Iraq! :: RW Online
... Sharpening Resistance to U.S. Occupation, June 15, 2003. Iraq War: Lies the Government Told Us: Part 2: Inventing ... Threats, June 8, 2003. Iraq War: Lies the Government Told Us, ...   (HotBot)
Daily Times - Site Edition
... E-Mail this article to a friend Printer Friendly Version Iraq war based on lies, says Jimmy Carter. LONDON: The war in Iraq was based ...   (Google)
Iraq (War on Terrorism). SLA News Division Web Site.
Iraq (War on Terrorism) (Last update: 07/14/04) These links are compiled from numerous sources by Tim Rozgonyi of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, unless otherwise noted. ... and Propaganda, 1990-2003 -...   (HotBot)
The BibleNet Community - Iraq War Lies
... The BibleNet Community > Main Category > General Discussion > Iraq War Lies ... The Iraq oil-invasion was enabled by terrorising us with the threat of imminent nuclear conflict ...   (HotBot)
Fibbing It Up at Fox by Dale Steinreich
... Iraq, these reports seem to be laughable fantasies, but they were effective in securing public backing for the war. The following is a short chronicle of lies, ...   (Google, HotBot)
ZNet |Iraq | The Iraq War Was Always Based On Lies
... More Iraq. Recent Iraq. Iraqi Olympians ... The Iraq War Was Always Based On Lies. by Jason Leopold ...   (HotBot)
Lies and disinformation used to justify invading Iraq in 2003
... The Bush team's campaign for war on Iraq would have made Nazi master propagandist Joseph Goebbels proud. Fabrications are announced as facts. Lies are repeated ...   (Google)
The Truth Seeker - War, Lies and Videotape
War, Lies and Videotape. ... Walia Hindustan Times via Jan 8, 2004. The western media are falling for Washingtons version of the truth in Iraq. ...   (Google)