Is Michael Skakel Innocent?
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 Is Michael Skakel Innocent?

Why can't Martha's real killer be brought to justice? BECAUSE CONNECTICUT'S COURTS ARE A RUBBER STAMP.

"I had a club. I picked one up and swung it." - Tony Bryant

In 2002, Michael Skakel was wrongfully convicted of killing Martha Moxley, 26 years in the past with a golf club
. The State of Connecticut RAILROADED him in a desparate reaction to the public uproar over the book, "Murder In Greenwich", in which the author (convicted purjuror Mark Fuhrman) named Kennedy Cousin Michael Skakel as the killer. Hundreds of thousands of people read the book and became enraged at Michael Skakel, the Greenwich Police, and the Kennedies.

What Mark Fuhrman refused to emphasize was that
A NEGROID HAIR was found on the sheet used to wrap Martha's body, but it obviously does not match Michael Skakel's DNA. Michael Skakel is not African American, but new suspects Gitano "Tony" Bryant and Adolph Hasbrouck ARE.  In 2003, in a videotaped interview with an investigator, TONY BRYANT ADMITTED TO PICKING UP AND SWINGING A GOLF CLUB NEAR THE CRIME SCENE ON THE NIGHT OF THE MURDER. Tragically, SUSAN GILL, a major State's Attorney on the case, does not seem to think there is any reason to test the evidence to see if it matches Tony Bryant or Adolph Hasbrouck (the man Tony implicates). There is absolutely no physical evidence tying Michael Skakel to the murder. The prosecution ran a DNA analysis AT THE TIME OF THE TRIAL, and never once found any of Michael Skakel's DNA.  An FBI analysis showed that the African American hair did NOT come from the black police officer, nor did it come from any other known African Americans. Therefore, it must have come from Tony Bryant or Adolph Hasbrouck, whom the police did not know about until AFTER Michael Skakel's conviction.

Michael Skakel's wrongful conviction was a result of Mark Fuhrman's book, "Murder in Greenwich", and
PAID WITNESSES*, some of whom had read the book. Most of the key witnesses had come forward in response to a reward, or to pressure from lead investigator Frank Garr who "cajoled, harrassed, or threatened" witneses (as stated by his close friend Len Levitt). At one point the reward was announced on Television, and it was increased to $100,000. The state's star witness was:

    Gregory Coleman: Gregory Coleman was a hard core heroin addict who had a $50,000 tax lien on his house in New York State. When he saw the reward on television, he decided to call the telephone number that flashed on his TV screen. He had gone to the Elan School with Michael Skakel. He knew that Michael Skakel was interrogated about the murder while at the school. He called the number, and gave some information to the television station, hoping to get the reward. Shortly thereafter, Frank Garr (Connecticut Investigator) tracked Coleman down and a deal was worked out for Gregory Coleman to testify. Gregory Coleman, in addition to qualifying for the reward money, was given A NARCOTIC DRUG WITH THE HELP ON THE GREENWICH POLICE the night before he testified in the Grand Jury hearing (he was going through Heroin withdrawal, having recently been released from a New York State prison, and threatened to go home if he did not get a fix). The morning after in court, Gregory Coleman testified that he had heard Michael Skakel confess to the murder, a statement that is likely to be completely false.

The state called many other witnesses, but none claimed an outright confession quite like Gregory Coleman had claimed. John Higgins, who also testified for reward money, claimed that Michael Skakel made incriminating statements. His testimony, however, contains lies as described in Robert Kennedy's article, "A Miscarriage Of Justice". Reward money was likely John Higgin's motivation as well.

In addition, many of the other witnesses aggressively assembled by the State had read Mark Fuhrman's compelling book, had been influenced by the media sensationalism surrounding the case, or had been "cajoled, harrassed, or threatened" by Frank Garr (see "Conviction").

Mark Fuhrman's book was compelling because it focused on an artificial but sensational "Kennedy/Wealth Theme", and it also was based heavily on the "Sutton Reports". The Sutton Reports are a damn convincing work of fiction created by Sutton Associates, an investigative firm. What most people don't understand is that
THE SUTTON REPORTS WERE INTENTIONALLY PREJUDICED AGAINST MICHAEL AND TOM SKAKEL. Under intense pressure from others, Rushton Skakel Sr (Michael's father). paid a large sum of money to Sutton Associates to get prejudicial reports on his children in case they were involved in the murder. Sutton Associates did NOT write a PREJUDICIAL report against Ken Littleton, however. A look at the actual police files would show Ken Littleton to be a much stronger suspect than the Skakels, but Sutton Associates wrote a pathetic report on Ken. It was especially pathetic given the evidence Former State Inspector Jack Solomon had against Ken. For example, WITHIN NINE MONTHS OF THE MURDER:

  • In July 1976, a woman in Nantucket, Donna Younger, woke up at 4 am and found Ken Littleton ontop of her. Ken told her to stay still and she'd enjoy it.
  • In July 1976, Ken Littleton was at a dance lounge called the Chicken Box, he slapped a woman (the dog warden for nantucket)
  • In Summer 1976, Ken Littleton was reported to be causing trouble with females at the Preston Airport Lounge.
    Right afterwards, he went to the "Mad Hatter" bar and caused trouble (he threw a glass at a post and stole property)
  • In July 1976, he put his arms around young girl, stuck whale's tooth in her ear, and told her to follow him
  • On July 26, 1976, Ken Littleton was reported to have broken into a boat to steal some items
  • Summer 1976: Jack Solomon got information that Ken Littleton had needle marks in his arm and often spoke about drugs (particulary cocaine). The person giving this information believed Ken was capable of ANYTHING
  • July 1976: Jack Solomon learned that Littleton was doing cocaine with his girlfriend and he was forcing himself on her sexually
  • September 1976: Ken Littleton burgularized a gift shop. Around the same time, he also stole a statue of naked man from a front lawn and buried it in his back yard
  • The Nantucket Police got a search warrant to recover items that were stolen
  • Detective Steve Carol of the Greenwich PD contacted the captain of the Nantucket PD who knew Littleton and said he was wierd, sadistic, and self centered.
  • Ken Littleton failed every single polygraph about his involvement in the Moxley Murder

Mark Fuhrman's sensational book became a bestseller in Greenwich, CT and surrounding areas. Despite being written by a convicted perjuror, the public went into an uproar. This public uproar was intensified by the media, and local politicians were pressured to close the case. Immediately following the publication of Fuhrman's book, the State of Connecticut convened a
ONE MAN GRAND JURY to indict Skakel.

Since Michael's conviction, Gitano "Tony" Bryant, an African American, reluctantly came forward with new information on the Moxley murder. In the 90 minute videotape,
he admitted that he was near the crime scene, swinging a golf club, getting high on drugs, and smashing pumpkins on the night of Martha's murder. No one else has ever made this claim, and "Tony" says he knows without a doubt that Michael Skakel is innocent. In the videotape, "Tony" mentions that he thinks his friend Adolph probably killed Martha. Unfortunately, Tony ceased his cooperation with Skakel's lawyers shortly after the videotaped interview. He asserted his 5th amendment right against testifying at Skakel's hearing for new trial.

The State's Attorneys Office refused to follow the new leads seriously. Prosecutor Jonathan Benedict stated that the State would "entertain" the defense's claims IF a new trial was granted
. DNA could turn the tables and set Michael Skakel free, but Susan Gill, Jon Benedict, and the rest are refusing to allow that to happen. In my opinion, the cronies in the State's Attorneys Office would rather keep Michael Skakel in prison, than be proven wrong --- that's as evil as it gets..

Sadly, despite a convincing argument for a new trial and a stellar performance by his new lawyers, Judge Karazin cowardly rejected Michael Skakel's petition for a new trial in October 2007. Was Karazin influenced by his peers in Stamford Superior Court such as Judge Kavanewsky? By letters from Dorothy Moxley? By people he was friendly with? By pressure from the state? By pressure from the media and/or by books he read? Nobody will ever know.

* - Opinion

"A Miscarriage of Justice" by Robert F. Kennedy Jr (Feb 2003)

"Celebrity trials can turn into media lynchings. Last year a Connecticut jury convicted Michael Skakel of killing his neighbor Martha Moxley twenty-seven years ago, even though the prosecution had no fingerprints, no DNA, and no witnesses. The author, a former New York City prosecutor, argues that his cousin's indictment was triggered by an inflamed media, and that an innocent man is now in prison - by Robert F. Kennedy Jr."

New evidence to exonerate Skakel? Cousin of Kobe Bryant fingers 2 other men for Martha Moxley murder

"If prosecutors get their way, DNA evidence that could free Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel, 42, might never see the light of day. That's because prosecutors are convinced jurors got it right last year when they convicted Skakel for the murder of Martha Moxley, 15, who was brutally beaten to death and stabbed with the shaft of a golf club in a secluded area of the wealthy community of Greenwich, Conn., during the evening of Oct. 30, 1975."

The media junkies continue to truck their bucks to the bank.

"Criminal justice in prime time sells product. It also subverts itself. When the satellite dishes park in front of the court house, justice is no longer blind. The Dunne-Fuhrman show in Stamford was six years in the making, including four years of promotion. Those who expressed shock at the guilty verdict paid no attention to the run-up. The preview photos were not of a slender fifteen-year-old wimp accused of a twenty-seven-year-old murder; the graphics were of a paunchy, wrinkled *Kennedy in his forties, complete with an alcoholic�s bulbous nose. It was a no-brainer to imagine the fat dude bashing in a kid�s head. ... The goal was not closure for the dead girl�s family. The verdict triggered only an orgiastic outpouring of vengeful glee. The hunters had brought down prized game, a trophy, the head of a *Kennedy to hang over the mantel ..."

"The media junkies continue to truck their bucks to the bank. In addition to his books and movie, Mark Fuhrman commands between seven and twelve thousand dollars per speaking engagement. Not too shabby for a convicted felon."

"Rumors continue to surface. Dominick Dunne told Larry King about a conversation with a man 'who must remain anonymous but was certainly telling me the truth.' Four people were involved in moving Martha Moxley�s body and cleaning up 'washing and bleaching bloody clothes' Dunne reported."

Fuhrman and Dunne, apparently, are now skilled arbiters of truth. And so it goes.

... Those who profited from the court�s finding of guilt will continue to cash their royalty checks. True believers will continue to tout Skakel�s guilt."


Watch video feeds of the previous hearing for a New Trial, which was shockingly denied

You can watch the full 7 days of the hearing here. Highly recommended for broadband users.


Cover-up: An unnatural act like murder is covered up, but it can never be successfully disguised.

"On October 30, 1975, Ken Littleton murdered Martha Moxley, and he spent the next 27 years of a shattered life, trying to maintain a cover-up."
Note: the above statement is David Sween's opinion. Rumor has it that DNA evidence would implicate Adolph or Tony instead.

 Mickey Sherman's Laptop was stolen

At some point around the time of Michael Skakel's trial, or possibly shortly before, Mickey Sherman's Laptop was Stolen, according to a former friend of mine who claimed responsibility and told me the story. The woman believed devoutly in Michael Skakel's guilt based on her reading of Mark Fuhrman's book. (Read about the lawyer the woman used and what she did to him)

* NEW * In Hell with Michael Skakel

"Michael Skakel has moved into my cellblock. ... Skakel and I talk mainly in between bites of prison swill and occasionally during recreation, and I�ve come to like his company. In fact, I liked him almost instantly. He�s got a great sense of humor; he�s humble, gracious, and has a spiritual side. Rare qualities in prison."

Why Michael Skakel Is Innocent

You may think he's guilty. A lot of people do. If you do, I believe you have been brainwashed (by the media, friends, family, and/or books). Having been the bearer of the laptop "story" for years, I have paid close attention to this case since 2003. Here I explain how Michael Skakel, an innocent man, was convicted by 12 jurors, and why I believe he's innocent.

CBS News (48 Hours): RFK Jr. Speaks Out On Moxley Murder Case

"(CBS) In a 48 Hours Investigates exclusive interview, Robert Kennedy Jr. talks about new clues and possible new suspects in the Martha Moxley murder. "

The Anatomy of every witchhunt is the same. It is possible to Prosecute but it is not possible to justify...

"After Michael Skakel was convicted for the murder of Martha Moxley, Michael Skakel's younger brother called the entire process a witchhunt, and under the circumstances, he is absolutely right because the anatomy of every witchhunt is the same. First and foremost, a witchhunt is about cultivating false witnesses ... "

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Kennedy family. I put it up because I believe it's LIKELY an innocent man is in prison for murder, because I had information that could have helped him, and because I may have inadvertantly hurt
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