Deliver Us From Ignorance 

What America needs is an antidote for brainwashing

A massive dome of delusion has been constructed over heads!

Now we are slaves to the media, slaves to the government's "truth"

The monkey on our backs has a sack over our heads

We are totally blinded and conditioned to accept the government's version of "truth"

It is no longer our government, but a government run by the rich and powerful

Our military nothing more than a tool for global corporations

A weapon to keep the world "safe" for their material greed

Americans are decent, hard-working and law-abiding people

They have been goaded into hate and anger and misguided by gigantic lies

The government and media cultivate a lynch-mob mentality to foster war

Then pass off this frenzy as American support for its unlawful actions

War to protect the material interests of the rich and powerful

When demand for government accountability dies out we are at the mercy of tyrants

True Americans who abide wholeheartedly by the Constitution will demand truth

Phony "patriotic" Americans will blindly accept the government's lies

Jumping on a bandwagon of national arrogance

Leaving all of us vulnerable to the abuses of power

And the destruction of our Constitution!

God Bless America, she really needs your blessing badly!


So you can't accept the thought that your government would betray your trust and lie? If you trully care about your constitutionally-guarnateed democratic rights, please read on . . .


Waco- Government and law enforcement agents storm and hold Branch Davidians incommunicado from the world. They use these civilians as guinea pigs to try out certain techniques in breaking down their will to "resist", then murder them, destroying their compound with bombs and incendiary devices, while telling a cover story and lie to the rest of the world. The remains of the compound are quickly bulldozed to prevent an objective open investigation of the crime scene. FBI denies that they fired any shots, but numerous paramilitary groups are on hand for the slaughter, waging a strike against innocent civilians. Senate investigation into Waco is the same ol' same ol': government cannot investigate and accuse itself of crimes.

Flight 800- Airliner explosion off of Long Island kills 245 people.  Numerous witnesses see a missile trail leading to the plane before its explosion, but official government version lists the cause of the explosion as a spark in the main fuel tank. The White House is notified immediately after the plane goes down. Navy has exercises in the area that night, involving drone missile firing, but all Naval personnel are under a strict gag order not to talk about the event as they witnessed it.  The investigation is stonewalled by the government.  

Oklahoma City Bombing- 168 people, including children, are killed by a massive explosion which tears through the Murrah federal building.  Witnesses describe the top of the building blowing out before the truck bomb, which the official version says caused all the damage, explodes. Seismographic reading in the area show two seismic events during the bombing. Witnesses describe emergency federal workers taking out un-exploded bombs after the explosion(s).  Victims' families sue the government, which had prior knowledge of the bombing! No federal agents, who have offices in the building, show up for work that morning!

 CIA Drug Running- Heavily-documented literature describes how the CIA has been a major player in international drug-running for many many years.  Several city groups are suing the CIA for flooding their neighborhoods with dope.  Drug profits go to finance covert ops not funded by or approved by the American public, a clear act of treason! Major drug players are protected as valuable CIA "assets".

JFK, Jr. "accident"- One of our nation's brightest young figures crashes in a private plane off of Martha's Vineyard with his wife and sister-in-law.  The media instantly jumps on the Kennedy derring-do theme to explain the "carelessness" involved in the tragedy.  Witnesses off the coast that night hear an explosion and see a flash in the vicinity where the plane goes down.   Kennedy radios in to control tower right before the plane crashes straight down into the water, the actions of a plane without a tail wing!  JFK, Jr. sees the lights of Martha's Vineyard as he radios in- he is certainly not disoriented by haze! Even though witnesses pinpoint the area of the explosion to authorities the very next morning, it takes three days and a massive marine search to officially find the wreckage! 

Princess Diana "accident"- Could the Royal Family tolerate one of its members marrying an Arab of Moslem faith? Could it tolerate a member at the forefront of the world peace movement like Diana? Did the rush from the papparazi photographers really cause the crash that killed Diana? Once again, the mainstream media has glossed over this story to hide many motivations and suspects in Princess Diana's death! What actually happened in the tunnel where the accident happened?

Columbine High massacre- The deadliest school shootings in our nation's history are carried out by two disgrantled students, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, or are they? Testimony of witnesses to the shootings does not mesh completely with the official version of events. The Sheriff's Dept. keeps a tight lid on the evidence as parents demand to know the truth.

World Trade Center/Pentagon attacks- Four jet-liners are "hijacked" and three of them crashed into nationally monumental buildings, the World Trade Center Towers and the Pentagon. In the shocking clamor of the events Americans readily accept the version immediately spun by the government- Arab suicide terrorists are responsible, with the trail of "evidence" leading to long-time American culprit Osama Bin Laden. However, a close, resonable examination of the WTC collapses will show that the way they came down was virtually impossible under the circumstances! If the planes did not bring them down, then the whole reason for the ensuing "War on Terrorism" becomes a mute point, and the whole "hijacking" episode takes on a new sinister light. This is the "grassy knoll" of the new millenium!

John F. Kennedy Assassination- For those few among us who do not know what "grassy knoll" refers to, this is the area where many witnesses saw shots coming from as President Kennedy was assassinated. It was to the right and front of the motorcade. The official version, the Warren Report, concludes that Lee Harvey Oswald fired the shots from above and behind. Even the Zapruder film shows Kennedy being thrown back and to his left as his head explodes from a bullet impact. Kennedy has many serious and deadly enemies but the media pounces on Oswald and anything that feeds the public's suspicions of him. He is murdered two days after the assassination while in the custody of Dallas Police.

Robert Kennedy Assassination- If JFK could not possibly have been shot in the front from behind, then Senator Robert Kennedy could not have been shot behind from the front. All witnesses to this assassination place convicted assassin Sirhan Sirhan at least 3-6 feet in front of Kennedy as the attack takes place, with Kennedy falling away from him. Yet, the official coroners report stipulates that Kennedy was killed by a shot fired point blank right behind his right ear! Two other wounds are from the same angle- behind and at close range. It is ballistically impossible that Sirhan murdered RFK. LAPD quashes any real investigation into this murder, intimidating witnesses and destroying prime evidence. Sirhan languishes in prison today, being denied parole 8 times!

Martin Luther King, Jr. Assassination- Convicted and "confessed" assassin James Earl Ray is coerced and tricked into signing a confession for the murder of MLK, but recants the following day and wants a new trial. He never gets one. Despite actual confessions and solid witness testimony to the contrary, Ray is painted on the American public's mind as the "confessed" killer of MLK, a distortion of truth if there ever was one! As with Sirhan, Ray's legal rights are non-existant and/or trampled over by the powers-that-be. He is actually extradited back to the states on the basis of the testimony of someone who was "too drunk to stand" at the time of the assassination, according to a Memphis police officer. Ray contends he was set up by a mysterious "Raoul", who offered to include him in a gun-running scheme. Loyd Jowers, owner of the restaurant underneath the boarding house where the shots supposedly came from, actually confesses on a nationally-aired program to helping aid in the assassination, saying Ray was no more than a duped pawn. James Earl Ray, now in his grave, continues to be the "confessed" assassin of King.

Jonestown Massacre- 198 people meet their deaths in a mass suicide in the Jonestown, Guyana make-shift community of the Reverend Jim Jones and the People's Temple. Congressman Leo Ryan is assassinated at a landing strip right after leaving the community, supposedly by People's Temple shooters. Jones is then painted as a sort of megalomaniac cult leader who induced his followers to take their own lives, drinking a liquid laced with cyanide. What is hidden from the public is the running battles Congressman Ryan has carried on with the CIA and its excesses and the testimony of people who survived the mass suicide. Their stories add a whole new light to this tragedy and present some very real ominous suspects that the People's Temple had reason to fear! Once again, as in the Waco case, the media sanitizes the story to play into the American perception of cult-gone-astray.