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President Kennedy Assassination
Martin Luther King, Jr. Assassination
Ambassador busboy Juan Romero tries to comfort Robert Kennedy moments after he was shot 
Robert Kennedy Assassination
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Oklahoma City Bombing
Branch Davidian compound burns to the ground.
Waco Branch Davidian Massacre
TWA Flight 800 Crash
Ruby Ridge
Prseident Reagan moments before being shot.
Reagan Attempted Assassination
Columbine Shootings
One of the most shameful coverups in US history!!!
Attack On USS Liberty
American Vote Fraud
BCCI Scandal
George HW Bush and son George W. at ceremony opening Zapata oil rig in 1957
Bush Family History
CIA  & Drugs
CIA & Torture
Election Fraud?
Staged Terrorism?
Investigative reporter Gary Web uncovered massive CIA drug-running.
Gary Webb Murdered?
Iran Contra
Iraq War Lies
Jonestown mass suicide or CIA op?
Jonestown Massacre
KAL007 Shootdown
Niger Uranium Documents
Paul Wellstone Plane Crash
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Scott Peterson- A railroaded trial?
Scott Peterson Trial
The Train Deaths
Hillary Clinton and Vince Foster
Vince Foster "suicide"
Whitewater Scandal
JFK, Jr. salutes dead father 11-24-63
JFK, Jr. Plane Crash
Princess Diana Death
Beatle John Lennon was seen as a threat to the USA security state!
John Lennon Assassination
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Chemtrails in the sky.
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CIA & Drugs
The (Secret) Heartbeat of America
Mena, Arkansas. If you haven't heard of it, don't worry: either you will, in which US Government drug policy is, "If you have to ask, you're not allowed to know." . . .
 Hellwell Dynasty: Drug Dealers Among Us
The 50's were the years of CIA covert operations in Latin America, designed to BURMA CIA drug cartel #1. . .
Producing the Proper Crisis
   Sooner or later it had to happen: the fundamental transformation of U.S. military forces was really only a matter of time. Transformation, in this sense, from a national defense force to an international mercenary army for hire. With a U.S. national debt of $3 trillion, some $800 billion . . .
ed by foreigners
From the Wilderness Publications
Ex-LAPD Michael Ruppert provides articles, polls, and surveys exposing the government's role in the drug trade.
CIA and Drugs
CIA and other government agents reveal the CIA's 50-year role in drug smuggling, into the United States, in liason with organized crime.
Listen to Real Audio files from this symposium held in Los Angeles in September of 2000.
An explosive NEW book! Most Recent . . . RealAudio Files from 9/23/00 LA Symposium Linda Ives 5.1MB Jean Duffey 2.9MB Mara Leveritt 1.7MB Daniel Hopsicker 4.6MB Mike Ruppert 7.1MB
frontline: drug wars: archive: guns, drugs, and the cia
(5:02) An accountant for the Medellin drug cartel explains how he was asked by the CIA to provide funding to the Nicaraguan Contra rebels. #613 Original Air Date: May 17, 1988 Produced and Written by Andrew and Leslie Cockburn
Yahoo! Groups : cia-drugs
Yahoo! Groups - Free, easy email groups
More on the CIA-Drugs Connection
The CIA and Cocaine/Heroin Trafficking
CIA peddles drugs while US media act as cheer leaders
CIA peddles drugs while US media act as cheer leaders WHITE OUT: THE CIA, DRUGS AND THE PRESS By Alexander Cockburn & Jeffrey St. Clair. Published by Verso, London, UK & New York, US. 1998. pp.408. Hbk: 22.00 pounds. By Zafar Bangash
stdin: [sixties-l] CIA-drugs symposium reveals huge cover-up
From the Wilderness Publications
Ex-LAPD Michael Ruppert provides articles, polls, and surveys exposing the government's role in the drug trade.
Prohibition: The So-Called War on Drugs, Page One
Pipe Dreams: the CIA, Drugs, and the Media
CIA-Drugs books
CIA & DRUGS Reading List
CIA AND DRUGS READING LIST The Politics of Heroin by Alfred W. McCoy (1972, 1991)
Cocaine Politics   Drugs, Armies and the CIA in Central America
CIA Narco-Colonialism
CIA drug running; CIA protected narcotic pipelines; CIA Narco-ColonialismCIA narcocolonialism; CIA complicity in drug running; psychological warfare
Could the CIA Be Bringing Drugs Into the USA?
History 101: The CIA & Drugs
The CIA has a long and sordid history with drug traffickers. And it's all in the Congressional Record.
Whiteout: The CIA, Drugs and the Press
The involvement of the CIA with drug traffickers is a story that has slouched into the limelight every decade or so since the creation of the Agency. Most recently, in 1996, the San Jose Mercury News
CIA-drugs allegations no surprise
A-Infos (en) [AFIB] Yesterday & Today: The CIA, Drugs and Death Squads
American Politics Journal -- Little Havanans, Drugs, and the Bush Family CIA
The Story that Elian's Kidnappers and the GOP Don't Want You to Hear.
[Raven] FW: [CIA-DRUGS] Surveillance: Lawful Data Network Interception
CIA.Drugs:When You're Having More Than One!
The Drug Money Times covers the drug scandals and conspiracies participated in by CIA agent Barry Seal from the assassination of a President in Dallas to the Mena drug scandal that rocked the Clinton Administration.
The All-Seeing Eye - Whiteout: The CIA, Drugs and the Press
A scientist who has worked in highly classified projects, makes startling disclosures about the United States Government's agenda on UFO's and ET's.
Court Backs CIA-Drugs Claim:
US: OPED: Answers, Please -- Contras And Drugs? CIA Should Tell What it Knows
Global Research - Who is Osama Bin Laden?
Michel Chossudovsky discusses the prime suspect in the attack on the World Trade Center and his connections to the CIA and U.S. policy.
The CIA's Addiction to Drugs
THE CIA's ADDICTION TO DRUGS Paul Beres The CIA has often either ignored or become involved in the cultivation and trade of illegal narcotics as a means to . . .
CIA Pushing Drugs? Admits To Deal With DOJ to Obstruct Justice
An article on the 1998 congressional hearings in which the CIA admitted to trafficking in drugs, with the approval of the Department of Justice!
Nicaraguan Contras' Narcotics Trafficking Cases
Class action lawsuits that sue the CIA for bringing drugs into America. Evidence of targeting Blacks for genocide. Discusses why Blacks are targeted and should receive reparations.
Reno Withholds Report on CIA and Drugs
WASHINGTON (AP) Over the Justice inspector general's objection, Attorney General Janet Reno ordered him Friday to keep secret indefinitely a report on how the department dealt with people and allegations . . .
CIA admits it overlooked Contras' links to drugs
CIA, Drugs & Wall Street:
Implications of U.S. Whitehouse, CIA and "war on drugs"
Friends of Freedom paper called "Dupe of Drug War," implicating top US officials and central intelligence figures in complicity with Central American drug czars.
Central Intelligence Agency - Drugs & You
Privacy and Security notices Drugs & You High Standards The “Price” of Drugs Junior Intelligence Office Pledge Against Drugs CIA Helps Fight the War On Drugs Achieving Your Potential Drug and Alcohol Abuse...and Working at the CIA CIA and the War
Recreational Drugs Information Home Page
Transcript of CIP intelligence seminar on the CIA and contra drug-running.
CIA Unveils New Ghetto Drugs For '98
PREVAILING WINDS MAGAZINE - Politics, Drugs, Assassination, DEA, CIA, Corruption
Prohibition: The So-Called War on Drugs, Page One
The CIA: America's Premier International Terrorist Organization
William Blum: Unleashing the CIA?
The CIA and the West Nile Virus
Drugs and intelligence agencies
Philadelphia NPC: Drugs and the CIA -- Our position as explained at a public forum Dec. 14, 1996
Welcome to CounterPunch
CIA and Drugs
Drugs & the CIA
Darker Alliance
Whiteout: The CIA, Drugs and the Press
A shocking exposé of the CIA's role as drug baron In 400 explosive and exciting pages.
CIA Cash Funded Drugs Trade
The following article has been removed from the Website of the Scotland on Sunday newspaper. Apparently they make their content available for one week. This article is far too important to disappear into the memory hole,.
Drugging America
Promotional site for a book. Government whistleblowers reveal the truth associated with the war on drugs, the CIA's history of drug trafficking, and widespread coverups and judicial abuses.
Leading Edge International Research Group Investigations into Rogue U.S. Corporate Government Factions and Drug Trafficking Under Guise of "National Security" to Support Illicit Covert Operations, and Related Issues San Jose Mercury Story on the CIA
Homestead - Free Web Sites
CIA drug running; CIA protected narcotic pipelines; CIA Narco-ColonialismCIA narcocolonialism; CIA complicity in drug running; psychological warfare
disinformation | error
The gateway to the underground - news, politics, conspiracy and weirdness.
War on Drugs CIA, Cocaine, and Death Squads
CIA, Cocaine, and Death Squads by the Eco-Solidarity Working Group Covert Action Quarterly, Fall / Winter 1999 Forty million people, along with the most biologically diverse, endangered ecosystems in the world, are under attack by the U. S. Central . . .
CIA and Guatemala
CIA-contra-crack connection: "DEA Agent's Decade Long Battle to Expose CIA-Contra...
For weeks the news media and politicians have treated a San Jose Mercury News series linking the CIA to drug smuggling by the Nicaraguan contras in U.S. inner cities as breaking news.
CIA Study of Assassination
CIA Study of Assassination The following document is an instructional guide on assassination found among the CIA's training files for "Operation PB Success" -- the agency's covert 1954 operation that . . .
The Duplicity of the War on Drugs
The Duplicity of the War on Drugs "The first casualty when war comes is the truth." - Sen. Hiram Johnson - 1917 The intent of this essay is to demonstrate that the War on Drugs [under the Reagan/Bush . . .
CIA watch
The ClO without the CIA:Inside the AFL-CIO's Solidarity Center
KLA: Gangsters, Terrorists and CIA
This is an amazing article. One has to admire the evil brilliance of the global narco-mafia. It succeeds by giving Americans and Europeans what they want. If Americans want drugs, they get drugs.
Former CIA Inspector General Frederick P. Hitz, responsible for covering up the CIA's involvement in delivering crack cocaine to American inner cities, has been rewarded with a prestigious teaching position . . .
Interrogation, CIA-Style: Many Mean Ways to Loosen Cold-War Tongues
WASHINGTON-They had ways of making you talk. In July 1963, the CIA printed a secret handbook on interrogation that remained a standard reference for two decades.
Brain-Washing Techniques of the CIA FBI, NCOIC
The first letter and attachment are from DECLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS 1984 microfilms under MKULTRA (84) 002258, published by Research Publication Woodbridge, CT 06525.
Declassified Army and CIA Manuals
Declassified army and CIA Manuals are analyzed by the LAWG's legislative director, Lisa Haugaard.
The CIA Link
There is ample evidence that the CIA is at least linked with, if not responsible for, crack cocaine. Our organisation however has no affiliations with the CIA.
Subject: ~u-t-gun~ CIA And Mossad Drug Involvement
Articles on KLA-Kosovo-Drugs-Mafia and Fundraising
Welcome to the Publishers Group Web Site. Parents, Teachers, Students, DARE Officers, Researchers and others, all text information at this Web Site is free. PHOTOGRAPHS are Copyright © protected
War on Drugs
A spiritual rebel dashes cherished beliefs and barbecues sacred cows. Not for the fainthearted - for nonserious seekers and finders only. This site is guaranteed to disturb you.
Freezerbox: This Is American History On Drugs
Everything you wanted to know about the narcotics trade that didn't fit in a 30-second Super Bowl ad.