Hellwell Dynasty: Drug Dealers Among Us

The 50's were the years of CIA covert operations in Latin America, designed to keep our colonial hegemony over our nearest neighbors. The heroin profits rolled in via addicted blacks in the big cities. U.S. police kept busting the French Corsican traffickers, the FRENCH CONNECTION, trying to keep UNCLE SAM's BURMA CIA drug cartel #1.

In the sixties, the Saigon office of the CIA (Ted Shackley of IranContragate fame) ran both the genocidal Phoenix program and infamous AIR AMERICA and still found time to sell heroin to G.I's. (No wonder we lost!) And they found time to run a bank into the ground, too. Cash drug receipts went to their OWN, BOLDLY incorporated Nugan Hand bank, with CIA officials actually ON THE BOARD. Guess who the bagmen were? Colonel Ollie North and Lieutenant Richard Secord showed up as the two madcap PILOTS who ferried bags of cash that poured in both from Asian earned receipts from Nam /G.I. addicts and from the U.S. where Santos Trafficante pere et fils (Meyer Lansky's lieutenants) were distributors. All these receipts were deposited in Australia where they could lend them out 9 times to the dollar when they weren't being used and see a tidy growth rate.

To keep the Burmese Generals in check by the 60's they were a bunch of very uppity millionaires; the CIA expanded to buying poppy from Hmong villagers in Laos which they refined right there in VietNam in Pepsi factories. (You saw it in the Mel Gibson movie, Air America. I know you didn't believe it. It was beyond imagination but it happened.) Parenthetically, today, "Free Burma" activists at American colleges wonder why Pepsi keeps doing biz in such a nasty country. They want a trade blocade and Pepsi won't cooperate. Heck, Pepsi RUNS the drug machine in Asia. During the Nixon years, Pepsi bottling companies were used for refining the tar into powder. Go see AIR AMERICA. It's all there. PEPSI, bold as brass.

A Pepsi Co. chairman was Nixon's most excellent pal ever since days when Nixon was White House Case Officer on Cuba during the Eisenhower administration. Nixon broke champagne bottles at Pepsi plant openings regularly after he and Ike left Washington until he returned to DC as president, with a decade between posts giving him time to do some serious bonding with Pepsi. In that time, Dick also ran around with his Cuban-exile crew who worked for the CIA, doing the worst kinds of mischief: murdering Che Guevara, downing commercial Cuban planes and killing JFK.

Where was Nixon the day JFK got hit? At a Pepsi convention in Dallas. The truth is, Nixon loved spywork as much as he hated the handsome liberal who ran against him and won in the 1960 election, hated him as much as he hated Fidel, which is A LOT as best buddy Cuban exile Bebe Rebozo had taught him all about Cuba. Nixon was on a first name basis with all the Cuban exiles and spooks in that infamous Miami proprietary "ZENITH CORP" on the Miami University grounds. A team of them went after both Fidel and JFK simultaneously: David Atlee Phillips, E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis, and actually, to the very last Cuban, were the Cast of Watergate. Last but not least, Howard Hughes was Dick's Daddy War Bucks or 'Deep Purse.'

Dick Nixon was an integral link in the Hellwell Lineage. When he fell, Reagan, Casey and George Bush carried the torch through an interesting period. After the Viet Nam heroin years, there was a new drug trend: peppier LATIN-produced drugs, cocaine...and new suppliers, Columbian cartels, but the same old U.S. barrio black customers as in the late 40s when Hellwell and company began.

The truth about the Cocaine years (which we still are in) has much to do with IranContragate, a three-way tie between the CIA/ the Shah and Nicaragua. This White House operation emerged from the White House, it's true, but not from dim-bulb Ronald Reagan but from his industrious V.P. George Bush, a career CIA officer. Bush started the Contras to harass Nicaragua and prevent Danny Ortega's Marxist-Leninist socialists from creating a New Cuba. You know, the kind of Republic that sends more teachers, doctors and food-growing techs to the third world than God himself? Bush funded the Contras with cocaine receipts.

The star gambit of the period was that triangle between the Shah, the Contras and Bush. The CIA had supported the Shah from way back. They couldn't always give him cash so they did the next best thing. They gave him a money-printing set, a U.S. intaglio press, silk paper, mint Green #1 ink, and genuine U.S. printing plates. Mini-treasuries were apparently a perk of tyrants who chummed with the Agency. This printing press was known to Bush so next, Bush offered a favor to cocaine king Pablo Escobar (his prime supplier) to LAUNDER 8 billion dollars of coke receipts, i.e. make them into legal, spendable, investable money. How? Well, it was imaginative. Bush took 8 billion from Escobar, which was deposited into a Panama bank in Escobar's name. But Bush did a fast one. He took 4 billion in GOOD coke-dusted hundred dollar bills to Iran and told the Shah he could have real dollars if he'd give him back 8 billion of the Shah's freshly printed, funny money. The Shah had presses going day and night for a few weeks, then Bush brought 8 billion back to Escobar's vault, in their U.S. Panama bank. Then, Bush purloined the other half of Escobar's good money and gave it to a Latin American politician, Nana DeBusia of Guyana where it was laundered in accounts under the signatures of Bush and Casey earmarked for use by the Contras. This was the real Iran Contragate the story that never surfaced.

Well, whaddya want? Drugs for guns is a fifty-year-old American tradition. Life goes better with coke, Pepsi AND heroin too, it would seem. Drugs produced untraceable cash for spies to do the things they love best: run armed mercenaries, kill university professors, anti-colonials, anti-imperialists, anti-fascists, journalists, all of which are the standard Hitlerian Dirty Tricks, along with turning elections with paid staged dramatics. Michael Manley got chased out of a second term in Jamaica, with great bloodshed during election. Manley had anti-colonial smarts that rivaled Karl Marx, a Fidel with no trigger finger, no rough edges, an urbane gentle, English Abe Lincoln type. Mobs were hired. That debacle cost a pretty penny. Same thing getting ALLENDE out in Chile. The people had to be roused, anti-Allende propaganda achieved by buying Chilean journalists. Go see film MISSING with Lemmon/Spacek. From the book The Kidnapping of Charles Horman written by the boy's father, who was played by Lemmon, and see our battleships parked off shore during the week long 'revolution.'

Costa Gavras movies really trace agency history; in "Z" see U.S.-installed GENERALS IN GREECE murdering every dissident. A later film with Yves Montand, "State of Siege" about a CIA torture expert, of the DESAPARECIDO period, kidnapped by leftists in Uruguay. WE DID THAT. OUR CIA. Killing activist students, angling for MEN SYMPATHETIC to the multi-nationals to WIN ELECTIONS, changing the monkey, they call it, all of which costs big bucks.

The Agency has been 'fixing things' that way ever since Italy in the late 40s when Commies first began running for office. It's very costly to swing a vote. But the CIA has its little coffers, filled by its little importing businesses, cheap merchandise from the orient. This is how the CIA built the Burmese generals into what they are today: repressive genocidal murderers. It built Saddam Hussein and Idi Amin and Marcos, Noriega, and the Shah and Somoza and all those African and Latin despots who sold out, allowed the multi-nationals to come in and enslave peasants, take the land, control industry, and who exploited and plundered their own people, wrecked their countries, stole all the money and banked it in Switzerland and who have caused plagues and famines and civil wars and genocide in their home towns. The usual Suspects. Pals of the Agency, all the way. Conversely, the same CIA murdered all the good presidents like Arbenz of Guatemala, Allende in Chile for daring to speak out. And now the CIA is being forced to look at the monsters they created in Burma. You probably didn't see that Patricia Arquette film about Burma, it showed us what Hell looks like.

Burma, Africa, Latin America, Central America, South East Asia was the same carnage that was in Chile when the Agency tried to stop Allende. The CIA batter-fried that country to make it look so chaotic they had to park battleships offshore, and send people in to stop non-existent riots so they could machine gun Allende to death and say he committed suicide. Stupid locals to this day think Allende ruined their country. It was Henry Kissinger who told Nixon, 'we will make their economy scream.' He used American trojan horse agencies like A.I.D. to put the forceps to the economy to make the Chileans think their ruler was a Commie rat. Since the 40's, Henry and his bosses and their hireling intelligence agents have made the entire planet scream to prevent ONE THING happening, the HOLD of the world bankers and transnationals they own, the Rothschilds, Morgans, Lehmans, Warburgs in Europe, the ROCKEFELLERS in NYC and their FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM, and the rest of the 13 families; to prevent that oligarch hold loosening on all the trade, banks and gold on the planet.

And it isn't over. Let us move to current events. CLINTON just opened Long Beach Harbor to the RED ARMY, the processor and distributor for Burma-grown poppy. Why did John Huang raise all that Chinese money for Bill? Clinton and the CIA have allowed RED CHINA to bring heroin in in exchange for it. This was not Bill's idea, of course. Clinton has been the CIA's go-fer-&-facilitator for two decades. Remember MENA airport in Arkansas? That's where all the IranContragate coke got into the U.S. You've read COMPROMISE by TERRY REED? Mort Sahl has been heard telling people to read it. You find it at better bookshops. It tells how Clinton was paid for his long years of CIA work.

LONG BEACH HARBOR did not want these Chinese in there, fought it. The Prez got them in. Now, COSCO (People's Liberation Army's shipping company) containers come in by the thousand FULL of the most sophisticated guns in the world, AK- 47's, GIVEN to CRIPS AND BLOODS who are the distributors of the heroin to American schoolkids.

Groups that want to get the Generals out of Burma have to step on the snake's head, locate that long, thin supply line from Burma to the USA. You people who are on the Net reading this, do your research. It's all in books. Then, join the FREE BURMA coalitions at local colleges or the Black Outrage groups. Next, stir up a media ruckus. Find the authors, get them on your favorite, local radio shows where the NAACP can hear them. Keep the Gary Webb story CIA DEALING DRUGS TO GHETTOS alive. Contact author researchers Fred Landis, Donald Freed, and ex-CIA guys, Victor Marchetti, Ralph McGehee, Phillip Agee, John Stockwell, and ex-DEA agent Michael Levine. And Danny Sheehan, Father Bill Davis. Their websites and lecture agents are easy to find with a search engine like altavista.digital.com. Just appoint yourself a booking agent, and get them on radio shows you enjoy, preferably nationally syndicated. You can even look for British authors as it's all done by telephone interview these days. Black Outrage groups, FREE BURMA groups are taken very seriously but they don't do their homework. They have to research, write and footnote, publish and broacast. They have to use this information in their demonstrations, mounted as street theatre. CIA spooks with big needles, Burmese Generals dancing with American Generals.

The Hellwell dynasty IS A LINEAGE of spies, funding guns for dirty trix, fixed elections, tumbling the monkeys in third world republics, and all of it paid for by US barrios. THIS ARMY crawls on its stomach because it's a SNAKE! It should be sued out of business by MOTHERS of addicts who have been jailed, wives of fathers jailed, and last of all, all the crippled crack babies born to addict mothers. VICTIMS SHOULD seek pro-bono lawyers and SUE these spymasters and the oligarchs who run them as INDIVIDUALS for multi-million-dollar damages under federal racketeering laws. Judges often cannot be bought. Law suits might be profitable for such citizen activist groups.

The opportunity for ending the CIA's reign of terror may fall ironically and finally to the blacks who were spoon fed drugs for so long. Gary Webb's getting the Black Caucus and NAACP mad as Hell was part miracle, part good move. Burma activists and black activist groups should make a rainbow coalition and get in touch with Webb (gwebb@sjmercury.com). More than any other journalist, Webb can help expose this genocidal phalange of the CIA.

There is a sophisticated Brit researcher David Guyatt, whose article, "The PEGASUS File" in Nexus New Times, (April/May issue and June/July issue) supplies the exact facts on the George Bush cocaine years. If enough people cite these facts and summon the witnesses and sue CIA spooks and ex-presidents as individuals, we may not only make the government's role in dealing drugs in the ghettos part of public record but we may prove that they have been trashing the constitution and implementing oligarch agendas outside of our country and breaking the law, the Boland Amendment, which says we cannot interfere abroad.

We may also end up proving their part in killing JFK. The oil men that researcher/author Donald FREED thinks murdered JFK were Rockefeller oil pals in Texas. Kissinger, stuck like a PIN in Nixon's administration as Secretary of State, was a one-man think-tank for the Rocks. The Rockefellers are the main stockholders of all U.S. oil companies and controlled oil in the USA from its turn-of-the-century discovery. Kennedy had reduced the oil depletion allowance, and was about to end the war that the Rocks created. Rocks were after the biggest oil field on the planet in the South China sea. The Rocks are not lilly white. They lured the Saudis into depositing all petrodollars from 30 years of drilling into western banks, new, little offshore' banking SUBSIDIARIES which couldn't be linked to them. They lent the petrodollars to third world countries, who couldn't pay it back, so they on paper 'lost it', then they bankrupted/collapsed all the banks so the Saudis lost all their money. Jed Bush got to collapse one, Keating another. Rocks blatantly stole the petrodollars of the poor towel heads!

It's odd but anywhere the Hellwell Heritage is, Rockefellers turn up. Winthrop Rockefeller was governor of Arkansas when Clinton needed signatures to become a Rhodes Scholar. Clinton was from camp Rockefeller from day one. And why not? Rothchilds and Rocks are all there is on this planet. They HAVE all the marbles. The other 5 billion of us can go starve.

Is that a dumb greedy game or what? Who's going to buy their Lincoln towncars or even a bottle of aspirin at current costs? Today, no matter what kind of Ollie North right winger you are, there is no justification for dealing drugs to fight Commies. There simply IS no more cold war. Ruskis and Red Chinese now appear to play ball with us. (Many have their doubts, knowing that a well trained Leninist does not turn coat on that knowledge that the transnationals are blood-suckers and there is no real trickledown no matter what the glad rap.) But, seeing that Commies seem to want to get into mutual funds, what has the CIA got left to fight or control? But this agency has control on the brain, control the target country to lie down and accept the pronged teeth in the neck. The big trading powers espouse 'free trade' but in truth can't let anything be free or organic. Everything is by control, implemented by conspiracy.

Don't kid yourself. The CIA FUND raisers are raising money for something these days. The drugs are flowing through the ghetto faster than ever, and rival dealers are being arrested all the time so the Agency is up to something, implementing some hidden agenda with the money.

But suddenly, out of nowhere, we can celebrate. Journalist Gary Webb, the Free Burma groups and the NAACP NIMBYs are right on the JUGULAR of the BIG GUY like a chupacabra. The big guy knows it, even if he doesn't let you KNOW that he knows and even if you don't know that he knows that you're right. He's sweating that you're going to find eveything out and come after him. Will you? What do you mean? If you read this far, YOU JUST DID!

So go and tell your friends what you know...........

And don't worry. Truth will out. Certainly some seriously bad karma awaits this slimeball group and it is coming. Y2K may toss the oligarchs and entire banking system, their henchman IRS and all the governments on their collective behinds. We probably should welcome the Coming Computer Chaos. What an irony. TWO DIGITS instead of FOUR, a tiny little COBOL programmer slip, in their precious computers, and their whole system goes bang on the stroke of midnight, December 31st, 1999. Do a search on 'Y2K' or Millennium Bug on a search engine.

PREPARING America's middle class and ghetto denizens for the cash-free millennium is the trick. Less than two years to teach the LANDLESS how to grow food on a vacant lot. As for facts in this article? The Tom Davis Book Company offers a free catalogue where books on the CIA's drug dealing are described. TOM DAVIS BOOKS, PO Box 1107w, Aptos, CA 95001-1107.

It is only our ignorance which keeps the CIA snake crawling through the banana republics causing poverty, urban unrest, famine, civil wars and babies dying and through the ghettos and cities of Am