Iraq Sanctions
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Iraq Sanctions

Arizonans for the Protection of Children

We seek to promote awareness of foreign interventions that fail to safeguard the rights of children.

Iraq: Sanctions--The Silent Weapon

their shortened lives. International Action Center’s Effort Against Iraq Sanctions. IAC Reports and Statements on Iraq. Ramsey Clark

Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq (CASI)

Iraq Sanctions: Humanitarian Implications and Options for the Future (6 August 2002): a wide-ranging new report by 10 major NGOs in association with Save the

Citizens Concerned for the People of Iraq -- working to end ...

Phyllis Bennis: IRAQ: Economic Sanctions, Disarmament and US Policy (2/99); Uri Geller: Offers a balanced and compassionate position on the sanctions and

The Iraq Action Coalition (IAC)

The website of the Iraq Action Coalition.

The Education for Peace in Iraq Center Home Page has moved

EPIC HAS MOVED EPICs website has moved to Please update your Internet Explorer favorites, your

Sanctions Against Iraq - Global Policy Forum - UN Security ...

Sanctions Against Iraq. New Policy Paper on Iraq Sanctions. This page provides information on the sanctions imposed on Iraq after the Gulf War in 1991:


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Iraq Sanctions Case

Iraq Sanctions (IRAQSANC). CASE After invading Kuwait, sanctions were placed on Iraq; in 1996, sanctions on Iraq are still in place. In

The Iraq Action Coalition (IAC)

Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq (CASI)


Bleeding The Gulf - The United Nations Sanctions on Iraq (by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed...

Office of the Iraq Programme Oil for Food

AFSC's Iraq Peacebuilding Program

Home page of the National Network to End the War Against Iraq

Nagy Visit on Iraq Sanctions Takes Denmark by Storm. by Norbert Payne and Coilín ÓhAiseadha Monday, July 15, 2002

Iraq Sanctions War sanctions embargo genocide holocaust UN UNICEF ...

source: The Scourging of Iraq : Sanctions, Law and Natural Justice by Geoff Simons, St. Martins Press. Here are some eye witness

What's new on the CASI website

A UK campaign to lift the U.N. sanctions against Iraq, run by students at Cambridge  Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq Home What's new About CASI Guide to sanctions Publications Newsletters Briefings

Actions & Statements by Groups Opposing the Sanctions on Iraq

Sanctions Against Iraq: Statements and Actions by Other Groups and Individuals  called Iraq Notebook that contains background information on Iraq sanctions; 1,000 copies can be shipped anywhere in


 and Justice Coalition to End the Sanctions on Iraq International Action Center Middle East Children's  Institute CALENDAR Events Relating to the Sanctions on Iraq Sitemap Focus on the People of

CANESI/RCLSCI (Sanctions Iraq)

BBC News | Middle East | UN official blasts Iraq sanctions

BBC News | MIDDLE EAST | UN relaxes Iraq sanctions

The United Nations Security Council votes in favour of reforming sanctions against Iraq to release more humanitarian aid.

Thomas J. Nagy | The Secret Behind the Sanctions | September 2001 ...

of the Defense Intelligence Agency proving beyond a doubt that, contrary to the Geneva Convention, the US government intentionally used sanctions against Iraq

Campaign to End the Iraq Sanctions - Ireland

Campaign to End the Iraq Sanctions - Ireland. Deadly Results of US/UK led Sanctions Against Iraq. Demonstration to protest against 10 years of sanctions on Iraq.

Myths and Realities III

letter to President Bill Clinton, January 20, 1998; and Jasper Mortimer, Arab Leage Supports Lifting Iraq Sanctions, Associated Press, September 13, 1999.

BBC News | MIDDLE EAST | UN relaxes Iraq sanctions

BBC News | MIDDLE EAST | Iraq sanctions a tragedy

Tuesday, 8 February, 2000, 18:46 GMT Iraq sanctions a tragedy Hospitals say they are short of basic supplies. UN offers Iraq sanctions deal.


Nov. 13, 1998. IRAQ SANCTIONS: WHATS THE POLICY? Whether the Association. He has studied the effects of the sanctions on Iraq.

Campaign to End Iraq Sanctions -- Ireland

Sanctions = Genocide

This site is maintained for the Nova Scotia Campaign to End Iraq Sanctions by Daniel Haran, with the help of activists from accross the country.

Middle East, Zionism, Peace, Iraq

Open Directory - Society: Issues: Economic: Sanctions: on Iraq

. Iraq: Sanctions - The Silent Weapon - Sanctions are a weapon of mass destruction.


Iraq Sanctions Medical Alert Group. SIGN THE ISMAG ONLINE PETITION.

Iraq Peacebuilding Program - Guide to Iraq

Nagy Visit on Iraq Sanctions Takes Denmark by Storm

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Special report: Iraq

John Solimine Portfolio 2001

UN sanctions on Iraq lead to deaths of 500,000 children

This report has been written for the OneWorld News Service by Abdullah Matawi. UN sanctions on Iraq lead to deaths of 500,000 children.


NGOs: IRAQ Sanctions

A Hard Look at Iraq Sanctions (1) - U.S. considers lifting non-military Iraq sanctions - February 27, 2001

Orient | Iraq sanctions monitor

CNN Interactive Chat Transcript - Dennis Halliday

Editions| myCNN| Video| Audio| Headline News Brief| Feedback. CNN Sites. CNN. CNN Europe. CNNfn. CNNSI. myCNN. CNNfyi. AllPolitics. Languages. Search The Web. TOP

New York Times on Iraq Sanctions: A case of journalistic malpractice

CNN - Iraq won't back down despite new sanctions - November 12, 1997

Iraq won't back down despite new sanctions. Latest developments: 'There will be consequences' 'Further measures' possible. Iraqi accuses U.S. of blackmailing council. Iraqi suffering stressed.

Iraq Under Siege, edited by Anthony Arnove

 here for info on our 25th Anniversary! Iraq Under Siege The Deadly Impact of Sanctions and War Edited by Anthony Arnove  horrors that the U.S government sanctions are visiting upon the people, in

an observation...

The following is an archived copy of a message sent to a Discussion List run by the Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq. Views expressed


The following is an archived copy of a message sent to a Discussion List run by the Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq. Views expressed realities3.html

Myths and Realities III

Voices in the Wilderness A Campaign to End the Economic Sanctions Against the People of Iraq. Myths and Realities Regarding Iraq and Sanctions. Voices in the Wilderness. [Taken from Iraq Under

Ten myths about the sanctions against Iraq

Ten myths about the sanctions against Iraq. by Elias Davidsson (15 July 1994) [Table of Contents] [Top] [End] TABLE OF CONTENTS. Myth 1. Economic sanctions are more humane than military attacks

Traprock Peace Center

Traprock Peace Center. End U.S. Led Economic Sanctions Against the Iraqi People. (Updated March 3, 2001 by removing expired links) This page has three letters by people with the Traprock

No Title


Nationally syndicated BETWEEN THE LINES 8/17/01 Archive: Haiti violence, Bush Energy...

Press Information Note 65 (MERIP): "How the Sanctions Hurt Iraq," by Colin Rowat

How the Sanctions Hurt Iraq. Colin Rowat. (Colin Rowat is a lecturer in economics at the University of Birmingham, UK.) PIN 65. August 2, 2001 (updated 14 November 2001) Over May and June 2001,

Ananova - UN weapons inspector says there is no evidence against Iraq

The UN chief weapons inspector says there is no evidence that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction or is trying to build them.

Rumsfeld: More evidence on Iraq may come soon

Rumsfeld: More evidence on Iraq may come soon By SONYA ROSS, The Associated Press September 03, 2002 WASHINGTON - The Bush administration could lay out further evidence of the threat posed by Iraq in

http://OfficeoftheAmericas -- Iraq Sanctions Source Material

Iraq Sanctions

Defying the Sanctions: A Flight to Iraq

The journalism and films of John Pilger

Iraq Index

Protest.Net: Iraq Protests

Iraq - Consular Information Sheet

Reason: The Politics of Dead Children: Have sanctions against Iraq murdered millions?

March 2002. The Politics of Dead Children. Have sanctions against Iraq murdered millions? By Matt Welch. Are "a million innocent childrendying at this timein Iraq" because of U.S

Averting Iraq war difficult: Downer

Diplomatic processes to avert war with Iraq were continuing but were not going well, Foreign Minister Alexander Downer says.