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Beatle John Lennon was seen as a threat to the USA security state!
Who Killed John Lennon?
Government officials had been keeping strict tabs on the ex-Beatle they referred to as "Mr. Lennon." But the official U.S. war against Lennon began in earnest in 1972 when he was served with deportation orders. While the orders were supposedly for a four-year-old marijuana conviction in Great Britain, what Lennon didn't realize was that Nixon was personally driving the effort to have him deported.

Ex- Beatle John Lennon   John Lennon Assassination



The CIA Assassination of John Lennon

Site offers a graphic style insight into the assassination of John Lennon and claims it was a CIA plot.



The Assassination of John Lennon

An article based on the published work of Fenton Bresler, British researcher, author and lawyer.



Who Authorized The Assassination Of John Lennon?

A site outlining the case that the US Government and the FBI were involved in a conspiracy to kill John Lennon.



John Lennon's Assassination

A selection of links from About.com dealing with conspiracy theories on John Lennon's murder, and accounts of what happened on December 8th 1980.



Rethinking John Lennon's Assassination

A detailed and comprehensive examination of the shooting, concluding that there was a government conspiracy to kill John Lennon.



Mae Brussell on John Lennon's Assassination

Site offers an interview outlining the idea that Government agencies employed Chapman as a "Manchurian Candidate" to assassinate Lennon.



John-Lennon.com - Imagine An International Holiday Honoring John Lennon

Imagine An International Holiday Honoring John Lennon John-Lennon.com Site Index Biography John Lennon Day Petition John Lennon Links Links For The Beatles ...



John Lennon & Mark David Chapman - the death of John Lennon

John Lennon&aposs murder: John Lennon and Mark David Chapman come face to face. "> Lennon-Chapman.com Beatles&apos albums, John Lennon songs, The ...



John-Lennon.net - Who Authorized The Assassination Of John Lennon? by...

Who Authorized The Assassination Of John Lennon



John Lennon

John Lennon Reviews on this page: Live Peace In Toronto &apos69 - Plastic Ono Band - Imagine - Mind Games - Walls And Bridge ...



The truth about John Lennon's murder. By Steve Lightfoot

Reveals government codes in major magazines, Including the killers face, and true identity. Mark Chapman&aposs name attached to a letter a Nixon, Reagan, and ...



John Lennon's Assassination




BBC ON THIS DAY | 8 | 1980: John Lennon shot dead

Former Beatle John Lennon is shot dead by an unknown gunman who opened fire outside the musician's New York apartment. ... John Lennon was shot four times in the back by Mark ...



rethinking john lennon's assassination

Rethinking John Lennon's Assassination. The FBI's War on Rock Stars. By Salvador Astucia, April 2004. Or read online: CONTENTS. PART I: LENNON'S MURDER. PART II: The Bureau. PART III: PRIMAL SOUNDS ... Appendix M: Organizational Chart of JFK Assassination Conspiracy ...



John Lennon

... The Assassination of John Lennon. The scene outside New York's spooky old Dakota apartment building on the ... as it was horrifying. John Lennon, probably the world's most famous rock ...



Open Directory - Society: Crime: Murder: Lennon, John

the entire directory only in Murder/Lennon,_John. See also: All Extremists Are Dangerous - The site argues US Government agencies led a campaign to silence John Lennon because of his extreme radical views. ... because of his extreme radical views. The Assassination of John Lennon - An article based on the published ... The CIA Assassination of John Lennon - Site offers a graphic style insight ...



CrimeLibrary.com/Terrorists, Spies & Assassins/Assassins

Stories about terrorists, stories about spies, stories about assassins we have them all Most Notorious Sexual Predators Truly Weird & Shocking Unsolved ...



George Harrison, John Lennon and Yoko Ono from the Beatles Talk With...

In September 1969 Srila Prabhupada, the founder of the Hare Krishna movement, arrived as a house guest at Tittenhurst Park, John Lennon&aposs estate in ...



JohnWinstonLennon.com - Early Bio, Discography, Lyrics, Photos, Videos...

Early Bio, Discography, Lyrics, Photos, Videos and Articles John-Lennon.com Site Index Date of Birth: October 9, 1940 Place of Birth: Liverpool, England ...



Amazon.com: Books: Who Killed John Lennon?

Your Store Books See All 31 Product Categories Your Account | Cart | Wish List | Help Search | Browse Subjects | Bestsellers | The New York Times짰 Best ...



Imagine: A Tribute to John Lennon-Page 1

A personal memorial tribute to John Lennon written by TrueBrit War is Over! Peace! Here, There, and Everywhere! "All We Are ...



The Assassination of John Lennon

The assassination of John Lennon Web Hosting | Free Web Hosting | School Websites | Teacher Websites | VChocolates Chocolates | Toffee | Caramels | ...



JohnPaulGeorgeAndRingo.com - The Beatles Books, CDs and DVDs

JohnPaulGeorge AndRingo.com John-Lennon.com Site Index John Lennon Day Petition John Lennon Links Links For The Beatles John-Lennon.com John-Lennon.net ...



The truth about John Lennon's murder. By Steve Lightfoot

Reveals government codes in major magazines, Including the killers face, and true identity. Mark Chapman's name attached to a letter a Nixon, Reagan, and yes, Stephen King conspiracy.



John Lennon and the sixties

John Lennon and the sixties. BY RICARDO ALARCON. The following remarks were delivered at the dedication of Jose Villa's statue of John Lennon in Lennon Park, Havana, Cuba on December 8. ... of the movement, John Lennon described it with these ...



John Lennon

John Lennon. UPDATED December 2004. It was December 8th, 1980. ... a program on the A&E Network on the assassination of John Lennon, and there was an extensive interview with all involved ...



John Lennon (I)

John Lennon (I) - Filmography, Awards, Biography, Agent, Discussions, Photos, News Articles, Fan Sites ... songs) (as Lennon ... Assassination in the 20th Century (1993) (V) .... Himself. Secrets (1992/I) (uncredited) .... Himself. Death Scenes 2 (1992) (V) (uncredited) .... Himself. Imagine: John Lennon ...



Who Killed John Lennon?

... Who Killed John Lennon? Synopsis of Who Killed John Lennon? by Fenton Bresler ... all-embracing explanation covering all -- or even most -- instances of American political assassination ...




... Fantasy by John Winston Lennon autographed for Mark David Chapman prior to Chapman's assassination of the legendary ... home of the late John Lennon in 1980 was made ...



Assassins like Richard Nixon,legacy is eternal, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy assassination...

Politically motivated assassins have been deciding the fate of elected politics since the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963. One of the largest, most unique and informative sites on the internet. A 'Five Star' Site! ... Nixon manifested did not claim the life of John Lennon, the timing of the murder is the most ... shared to blame the Kennedy assassination on Oswald the "Communist", an obsession ...



John Lennon

This is a beta version of NNDB. Search: All Names Living people Dead people Band Names Book Titles Movie Titles Full Text for. John Lennon. AKA John Winston Lennon ... of death: Emergency room, Roosevelt Hospital, New York City. Cause of death: Assassination. Remains: Cremated ... Ono Band Vocalist/Guitarist/Pianist. John Lennon. John Lennon and Yoko Ono ...



Shop A&E and The History Channel : John Lennon Assassination VHS

Clearance Sale Item! Save 75%! - Rare tapes of a jailhouse interview with Lennon's killer highlight this penetrating look at the murder that stunned a generation.




We have everything there is to know about John_Lennon. Click here if youre looking for John_Lennon ... John Lennon. John Winston Lennon, later John Ono Lennon, (October ... .com/lennon.html) Rethinking John Lennon's Assassination (http://www.jfkmontreal.com/john_lennon/lennon_report ...



Moopuna: Term Papers on John Lennon's Assassination

... John Lennon's Assassination. Appendix 1. When I first started my research I decided to use an Internet source ... Chapman on, the killer of John Lennon, on www.geocites.com, which ...



Who Killed John Lennon?

... Who Killed John Lennon? Geminiwalker_Ink (c)2002 all rights reserved ... The FBI is the Catcher in the Rye: The Assassination of John Lennon. 4. J ...



The FBI is the Catcher in the Rye ! How the FBI assassinated John Lennon -- The Hartford Lounge