Assassination of President John F. Kennedy
Happy Marine Lee Harvey Oswald  Framed: America's Patsy Tradition  "Confessed" Martin Luther King, Jr. assassin James Earl Ray  
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President Kennedy Assassination
Martin Luther King, Jr. Assassination
Ambassador busboy Juan Romero tries to comfort Robert Kennedy moments after he was shot 
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 telligence history by Colonel Prouty. . . a book the establishment has always wanted suppressed!
E-mail Framed
Assassination of President John F. Kennedy
President Kennedy and First Lady greet people at Love Field Dallas 11-22-63
  Lee Harvey Oswald, SURROUNDED by police, at midnight press conference, 11-23-63
Audio of Oswald replies to reporters
Lee Harvey Oswald Assassination  
Jack Ruby silences Lee Harvey Oswald at Dallas Police Dept. 
 Lee Harvey Oswald, NOT SURROUNDED by police, murdered by Jack Ruby,  11-24-63
On the very day of Oswald's murder in the Dallas PD basement by Jack Ruby, a memo to White House Press Secretary Bill Moyers from Deputy Attorney General Nicolas Katzenbach already existed concerning the necessity of convincing the public that Oswald had acted alone!

"The public must be satisfied that Oswald was the lone assassin; that he did not have confederates that are still at large; and that the evidence is such that he would have been convicted at trial."

Happy Marine Lee Harvey Oswald.  Oswald in custody at Dallas Police Dept.
 The all-time patsy- Lee Harvey Oswald.
  President Lyndon Johnson is presented with the Warren Commision Report on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  This undertaking was nothing more than a coverup of the real conspiracy that took JFK's life.
James Files and the JFK Assassination
Learn the Complete Story of the Kennedy Assassination Conspirators
This article is an examination of the James E. Files confession and how it relates to Oswald's story, the assasination evidence, and the CIA/mafia connections.  It does not address the cover up of the assassination.  There are many factors in the assassination to understand as separate issues.  Of these factors are who ordered the hit, and who carried out the hit which are two different subjects all together.  These matters can be confused from time to time.  Research suggests that many factions worked together in organizing Kennedy's death but this article will detail the men on the grassy knoll.
President John Kennedy, Texas Governor John Connolly and First Lady Jackie Kennedy await the beginning of the fateful Dallas motorcade.
Newly discovered film of Kennedy motorcade unveiled
A recently discovered home movie showing President John F. Kennedy's motorcade shortly before his assassination was unveiled Monday on the website of a Dallas museum. The film shows a brief but clear glimpse of President Kennedy and his wife, Jacqueline, roughly 90 seconds before the killing.
        Ex-CIA Agent E. Howard Hunt
 The secrets and lies that a Cold-War warrior took to his grave
When the old spymaster thought he was dying, his eldest son came to visit him at his home in Miami. The scourges had been constant and terrible recently: lupus, pneumonia, cancers of the jaw and prostate, gangrene, the amputation of his left leg. Long past were his years of heroic service to his country.
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How they killed Kennedy
Against all logic, the two Secret Service bodyguards closest to Kennedy were told to stand down. Minutes later Kennedy was shot . 
Jack Ruby(Rubenstein) silences accused President Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald 11-24-63
A Nixon-Ruby Connection
This FBI-document of 1947 recommends that "one Jack Rubenstein of Chicago" should not be called to testify for the Committee on Unamerican Activities, for he is working for Congressman Richard M. Nixon. According to the Warren Commission, Ruby had no connections with Oswald, Organized Crime or the Government. No wonder the header reads "This is sensitive". 
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