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(destruction of evidence the certain motive)

Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 14:42:18 -0700
From: "Dick Eastman" eastman@wolfenet.com

THE ENEMY IS INSIDE THE GATES by Donn de Grand Pr(below)

FW: Free speech? ZOG won't allow it.Please do not miss the life and death relevance of this information. I want you to provide me with lists of names I can contact in government and elsewhere around the world. I also want you to work by your own avenues to get to any officials or law enforcement agencies with jurisdiction in this case. A war and the greatest crime in history are involved, and many of the people responsible are standing in the way of justice.

Here is evidence supplied by the Head of Security of the WTC on network television indicating that the FBI floors (the 22nd, 23rd and 24th floors) of the North Tower -- 70 floors below the crashbombing impact -- had been devestated and reduced to debris that this same Head of Security himself dug through to get to trapped persons (whom he saved). But it was on these floors that the entire accumulation of evidence and investigation briefs on two highly important cases were being stored: 1) the case against Mobil Oil and James Giffen on illegal oil swaps between Iran and Kazakhstan (at that time before a New York grand jury as described in great detail by Seymore Hersh in the July 9 New Yorker magazine); and, even more important, the evidence in the investigation of gold price fixing stemming from charges brought against Alan Greenspan, Morgan & Comapy, Goldman Sachs. (see below for full reconstruction of this crime -- that is now all but confirmed by this revelation of a bomb devestating the FBI floors of the North Tower before the tower collapsed.)


At noon I received a phone call from New England from Steve. He was reviewing recorded footage of coverage of the destruction of the WTC on NBC's program "48 Hours."

Steve has reviewed the footage many times and taken detailed notes. I took notes at my computer as he spoke.

After the south tower collapsed, men went up to the 22nd floor of the WTC and "dug" someone out of the "rubble" he found there. {It is known that these floors contained the New York FBI offices -- Peter Jennings actually did a two-day network news story on the effects of the destroyed evidence and files on American financial crime investigations around the world.]

The 48 Hours anchor was interviewing the Head of Security of the WTC about the evacuation who had received a call, after the South tower was down, from the Port Authority's Command Center on the 22nd floor asking for rescue. The Head of Security himself travelled to that floor in the company of a NY Fireman where they found the offices devestated to the point where they had to "tunnel through debris" to "dig out" the two or three Port Authority workers who were trapped there.

All of this happened 73 floors below crash-bombing impact.

The man who called me about this -- Steve from Main -- said that he had received a copy detailing the evidence for a terror frame-up from one of the hundreds of people pester with my posts each day (whose name I recall from my address book) -- and that he had been reviewing three lists of occupants of the WTC.

He gave the sites for two different listings of WTC tower occupants, which I copied as follows:

tenants by floor and sq footage; and
occupation my tenancy.

He noticed from these that listings were given for all floors EXCEPT floors 23 and 24, immediately above the location of the call for "digging out" rescue -- indicating that the debris had fallen down from a destructive event occuring on the floor directly above.

Steve left off with this statement (which I am not able now to confirm or disconfirm): "The Murrah Building in Oaklahoma City was where all of the records of the Waco Seige were being kept. I think this is their MO." Meaning their modus operandi -- i.e., their distinctive pattern of crime.

Here is the post that prompted Steve's phone call:

Below I present what I think are incontrovertable reasons for concluding that the WTC/Pentagon crashbombings were a frame-up designed to benefit members of, at least, these four groups:

1) people profiting from the opium trade of the Northern Alliance druglords and the money-laundering through global investment channels that the opium trade and the derivative heroin trade supports;

2) people seeking control of the $6 trillion worth of oil and natural gas in Central Asia;

3) people seeking to win back support to increasingly unpopular Sharonist policies in Israel; and

4) people arraigned before a grand jury on charges of fixing gold prices, illegal involvement in oil swaps between Kazakhstan and (sanctioned) Iran, and bribery in cases where all incriminating documentary evidence was stored in FBI files and data banks in one of the twin towers of the WTC.

All four of these groups have fluid secret channels of communication through networked integration of banking, politics, the CIA and Mossad connections. The fact is if one of these groups was complicit the other three would have to be also.

Here are three independently developed arguments.

1. Best guess origins of the WTC/Pentagon crash-bombing frame-up.

Mossad and the CIA were supporting traffic in Afgan-opium-derived heroin -- devoting public resources to protect and assist the suppliers and distributors of the multi-trillion-dollar money-laundered drug revenue deposits backing the global investments of American and Britsih elite finance. The Afgan Northern Alliance druglords grow 70 to 90 percent of the worlds opium, the prime ingredient of heroin The opium which is moved across the small China-Afgan boarder for processing and distribution by the giant People's Liberation Army, that amazing transnational corporation, Triad drug cartel-and military super military establishment all in one. Against the tremendous-stake interests this giant outlaw network, the morally conservative Taliban had been erradicating Afgan opium production, supressing supply to druglords and the drug-revenue flow money- laundering establishment bankers and global investors alike.

Thus "crisis" became the initial motivation of a renegade group of CIA and/or Mossad in seeking ways to defeat Afganistan's Talibanist government. (Nothing absurd so far, right?)

Next, the Russian and Kazakh mafias have criminal ties to U.S. executive James Giffen in Kazakhstan -- a man under investigation by a New York grand jury in the months before September 11 for illegal involvement in an oil swaps between Kazakhstan and (sanctioned) Iran (source: the Aug. 9 New Yorker Magazine for a full account of this by Seymore Hersh -- and all of the evidence for this crime was being kept at the WTC on the 20th through 25th floor of one of the twin towers where the FBI had its New York Offices. And James Giffen is the key man everyone has to go through to get any oil agreement with Kazakhstan -- including any pipelines built that would traverse Afganistan. (There is $6 trillion dollars worth of oil and gas in Central Asia.) Giffen certainly understood -- if he did not originate the idea -- that if he could get operatives (even "captured" vengeful Islamic activists whose rage could be shaped and directed to use of terror) to destroy the FBI offices in the WTC building and the documentation evidence it contained, then he would be escape grand jury indictment -- and, as an powerful added benefit, the (framed) Taliban would get
replaced with a regime in Afganistan that would permit a pipeline to be built -- preferably a Northern Alliance druglord government that would harmonize with Giffen's own unethical (murderous) entrepreneural style. (See the New Yorker artlical for details of Giffen's history.)

(So far this super-crime scheme involves only a small group of people-- Russian Mafia and perhaps a Giffen - renegade CIA or a Giffen "dark-side" Mossad link. But other, even more powerful players may have had involvement -- certainly they stood to gain tremendously if the crashbomb frame-up were successfully accomplished. (Prior to September 11 charges had been brought against Alan Greenspan (forgive me -- in a previous post I said "Milton Friedman" instead of Greenspan -- Friedman is a great and honest and honorable academic scholar and Nobel Prize winner -- who, very superficially, looks like Greenspan) -- at any rate, Alan Greenspan, Goldman Sachs, Morgan & Co. and other powerful American financial figures and instiutions had charges brought against them -- reportedly a very well-documented case --over the fixing of gold prices -- with evidence for that case too stored by the FBI on the FBI floors of the WTC! These parties would not only profit heavily from the "carrot" of both oil and drug monies circulating through their great financial instiutions, but they also would gain from avoding the "stick" of one of the most threatening lawsuits ever to confront the U.S. financial establishment (realize what a guilty verdict in this case would mean to these leading financial families and to the Establishment in general!) -- these parties would welcome predictable and certainly substantial benefits from the the destruction of the evidence in the WTC and of some of the witnesses and researchers on the case as well.)

Notice that so far we have powerful men with powerful incentives who characteristically operate in secret and under the protection of wealth, status and power -- both the carrot ($2 trillion in annual drug revenues funneled through the banking system -- which has funded much of the proceeds to fund the development of the Princeling-Triad dictatorship in China, btw, -- (The communist government has been in the opium business since the 1930's -- Mao pioneered the model later followed by Peru's Shining Path and Colombia's Maoist F.A.R.C. narco-terrorists. And Zhou Enlai devised the plan in the 1950's of weakening American society through a drug invasion.)

"China white" heroin distributed by the People's Liberation Army, made from Afghan opium links all banker and oilman to the corrupt and renegade the secret state agencies, CIA, FBI, and Mossad -- renegade agents of either agency may have seen this opportunity for mutual gain and found the way -- having profiles of each of the players -- to propose the crashbombing frame-up as the best "solution" to each of players most troublesome problems, while making enormous profits besides.

Note that the Bush's are tied to both the CIA and oil and, through Mena Arkansas drug smuggling and through the Iran-Contra drugs and arms deals etc. (drugworld investigator Daniel Hopsicker, as well as Noam Chomsky and many others have exposed this thoroughly -- at least in the broad strokes necessary to support this reconstruction of the crime.) (The facts of the drug connections are known to everyone from the Russians, to the John Birchers, to Wired Magazine, Harpers, New Yorker, the Village Voice, the Nation, and Rolling Stone Magazine, all having explored the drug - Establishment connections in great detail.)

Which brings us to Ariel Sharon. His hard-head policy of retaliation regardless of collateral damage and his provocation at the mosque cost him dearly in world opinion. In fact the Bush administration was very close to making initiating a major policy shift -- obviously known to Sharon from the greatest intelligence organization in the world -- Bush was planning the recognition/sponsorhip of a seperate Palestinian state. (Also war crime charges had been brought against Sharon in international court, further putting his hard-line policy against the Palestinians in unfavorable light.

Mindful of Ariel Sharon's self-made hard spot, it is entirely possible that the same CIA or Mossad mastermind that thought of the crashbombing frame-up plan in the first place decided to take the risk of telling Sharon about the plan, offering it as a solution to the trapped old "freedom fighter's" problems as well. If the U.S. could be made to think that the hated Osama bin Laden -- that Islamic fundametnalism itself -- is responsible for destroying twin towers of the WTC and the American government itself, then, Sharon would certainly grasp, American opinion would radically swing to an extremely hard line against all Moslem and Arab entities not securely under their thumb, and most particularly, from Sharon's viewpoint, against Palestinians.

No profile of Sharon gives any indication that he would not close on such a deal, such a serving of his higher good, his prime directive.

And that is all that was needed to carry off this operation.

The getting and conditioning/deceiving of hijackers is an easy affair. Mossad has infiltrated bin Ladin's forces in Central Asia and the Mideast -- but it is a radically decentralized organization (as it must be to remain viable) and so it was an easy matter for this "dark-side" Mossad, with Sharon's clandestine approval, to trick some very angry and vengeful Arabs into thinking they were doing bin Ladens or some other anti-Zionist or anti- Globalization radicals to agree to hijack the four planes. Millions in the world hated the America and the globalization that the World Trade Center represents. These recruited hijackers need not have been Arabs -- there are Croats, Serbs, Latin Americans, and Iranians and any number of other victim-pool people who could have volunteered to conduct the hijacking -- possibly without fully understanding the end result of the mission -- they need not have "signed on" for a suicide bombing. (Many aviation experts on the net are describing a system built into commercial airliners for taking over control of flight from the ground, a system developed to combat terrorism. It is possible that the course of the plane's flight was taken over by this system installed to thwart hijackers (detailed in several reports on the web.) But if the crashes were not effected in this way, psychological-control methods, wholly sufficient for the job, were also available. The technology of behavoir control is further advanced than the popular press has made people aware. Skilled psy op agents can get subjects angry enough and convinced enough of the justice and good effects of "acts' represented as serving their 'cause" to be willing to undertake even suicidal missions. (Activist Alan Yu has researched this technology as have other researchers from a broad spectrum of political orientation.)

And this is all that is needed to conduct the terror act.

But then what?

When the crashes take place -- word merely has to be put out by those involved (the CIA, Mossad, Sharon and those complicit in the Bush Administration, (based on his behavior, my money is on Paul Wolfowitz) to push the theme that bin Ladin was responsible and that this aggressive war to overthrow the Taliban is the only immediate appropriate reaction -- since, the spin goes, the Afghans are responsible for "harboring" bin Laden and that "harboring is exactly the same as terrorism" and that for that reason the entire Afghan government must be terminated (must be "ended as a state" to use Wolfowitz's revealing phrasing of September 12.)

The frame-up has all sorts of collateral benefits for the perpetrators. Now the perpetrators can tell the unsuspecting that for the sake of the security and safety of Israel and the United States that it is necessary that the impression of an "open and shut case" must be spun. (The news media is exhorted to be patriotic and exemplary "wartime correspondents" and sets about selling the blaming of bin Ladin and advocating war and overthrow in Afghanistan -- because they have been deceitfully led to believe they really know who bombed the buildings; and among the elite of the news publishers, they "know" it is in the best interests of Israel and Wall Street that this be the response, that this be the spin.

And Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair each benefit enormously, politically.

And trillions of dollars are enough to subdue and supress criticism of the investigation -- after all, who would know better than the CIA and Mossad exactly who is responsible? (The fact has been reported -- in a different context, of course -- that the U.S. intelligence receives all of its ground intelligence from Central Asia through Mossad's network of infiltrator spies -- in other words, whatever "proofs" the U.S. has (and has shown Tony Blair and NATO) has come exclusively through Sharon via Mossad. The "evidence" so-called, thus, is no counterweight to this reconstruction of the crime. The "evidence" comes exclusively from the prime "frame-up" suspect.

Has Mossad done this kind of thing before? Remember the USS Liberty, an American ship with flag flying, deliberatly attacked and sunk (in multiple attack waves) with efforts to kill every sailor aboard -- either to destroy information that the ship may have intercepted or to frame Arab states to gain the support of American public opinion. (There are other cases involving the blowing up of a disco dance nightclub, again to frame targeted enemies -- a case actually brought to light by the non-renegade "good side" Mossad.)

The coverup apparently has unlimited resources. Two Mossad men caught red handed days after the WTC crashbombings, were carryhing explosive charges and detonation controls in the government chambers of the Mexican legislature? Apparently big bribes have been, because these men have been set free.

One surmises that appeals are made to the bogey man of a "destabalizing international crisis" is the truth were to get out. This is ancient cloak of deviant ruling elites.

How many readers -- even if they strongly suspect that this reconstruction fits the facts -- would not deny the conclusion anyway because of fear of what this fact would do to Israel's reputation and thus to her security and survival?

Yet this view may be wrong. If Israeli's on the "good side" were to arrest Sharon and chase down the renegades of the Mossad "dark side" and bring them to justice -- tensions in the Mideast would dissolve, and good-faith restored -- good faith that will never return to the world as long as the greatest terror frame-up in history is not corrected by justice and the truth.

Also, if this reconstruction is valid, then that certainly raises the liklihood that Ariel Sharon was also the man who gave the order for the murder of Yhitzak Rabin, Israel's greatest peacemaker (if that title does not go to Began for his treaty with Sadat.)

Conviction of Sharon would mean that the warmongering "take-no-prisoners" school of Zionism would at last be discredited and that the humanitarian way of Rabin could again be given another chance -- with the Palestinians gaining restored faith in Israel to be fair and just after seeing Sharon removed and brought to justice.

I know that at this point you are poised to throw the usual tomatoes and call me a "loon" and a "nazi" -- but I know that those who call me those names are themselves fearful that this analysis may be right.. (And I forgive you in advance for having to through those tomatoes out of loyalty and not knowing what else to do in your uncertainty.)

It is a rotten world all around -- but my advice is to seek the truth wherever it leads and then to enforce justice -- justice against the real authors of the Sept 11 terror, whoever they may be -- to go after Sharon just as strenuously as you were recently ready to hunt down bin Laden.

And of course, the United States has a similar house cleaning of its topmost shelves of power and influence -- a job that we have been putting off since the 1870's. (How the entire world will benefit from that job!)

(And I should make this clearer: The media are not silent because they are conmplicit in the terror -- they are silent because they are "yes men" who "know where their bread is buttered" and they are not about to jump up and say "Sharon did it" until they see others in their postions doing so. This is consitent with today's "Dilbert" world of Establishment-monopolized organizations. Only an earth shaking event, like the exposing of the Establishment's role in the WTC terror, will shake down this system.)

Now, let's discuss this intelligently.

Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington
Every man is responsible to every other man.

II. The analysis of the de Grand Pr group

The real heroes of the Frame-Up War -- Col. Donn de Grand Pr (ret.) reports his group's findings:

Retired U.S. Army colonel, Donn de Grand Pr is the author of Confessions of an Arms Peddler and Window on America. Here, at last, is the man of solid integrity who has joined like-minded technical experts to get to the truth.

De Grand Pr's letter is truth's first major victory in an information war that has had the good guys at the mercy of an elusive and consumately deceitful enemy.

Dick Eastman


by Donn de Grand Pr

A dedicated group of experienced civilian and military pilots, including combat fighter pilots and commercial airline captains, just finished a marathon 72 hours of non-stop briefings and debate over the current crisis evolving from the use of commercial aircraft as cruise missiles against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on 11 September.

The so-called terrorist attack was in fact a superbly executed military operation against the United States, requiring the utmost professional military skill in command, communications and control. It was flawless in timing, in the choice of selected aircraft to be used as guided missiles, and in the coordinated delivery of those missiles to their pre-selected targets.

As a tactical military exercise against two significant targets (world financial center and the citadel of world strategic military planning), the attack, from a psychological impact on the American public, equaled the Japanese "surprise" attack on Pearl Harbor 7 Dec 1941.

The over-riding question: If we are at war, who is the enemy?

The group determined that the enemy is within the gates, that he has infiltrated into the highest policy-making positions at the Federal level, and has absolute control, not only of the purse strings, but of the troop build-up and deployment of our military forces, including active, reserve and National Guard units.


The 9-11 activity and horrific destruction of US property and lives was intentionally meant to trigger a psychological and patriotic reaction on the part of the US citizens, which is paving the way for "combined UN activity" (using the fig leaf of NATO) for striking key targets in both the Middle East/ South Asia and the Balkans. The goal continues to be ultimate destruction of all national sovereignty and establishment of a global government.

The trigger for the 9-11 activity was the imminent and unstoppable world-wide financial collapse, which can only be prevented (temporarily) by a major war, perhaps to become known as WW 111. To bring it off (one more time), martial law will probably be imposed in the United States.

In each of the major wars of the 20th century, the financial manipulators (located in the City of London and New York City) had placed the US (and much of the Western world) in a monetary expansion mode, followed by an ever-tightening vice of a gigantic credit squeeze. We now have two ongoing and tightly controlled simultaneous events (emanating from the two symbolic targets of 911):

1) Alan Greenspan, Fed chairman, promising to flood the market with up to $200 billion in FRNs and to further lower interest rates, thus bringing about hyperinflation and dollar devaluation. Much of these multi billions in largesse will be dumped into the coffers of Wall Street, Defense, bankrupt airlines, insurance companies and into the willing arms of debt-ridden third-world countries in the form of debt repudiation (forgiveness). Call it bribery, in order to get these often reluctant nations to join our coalition of "freedom fighters" in "the war against terrorism".

2) Paul Wolfowitz, deputy Defense secretary, promised that the US will launch "sustained military strikes against those behind the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington". He said that the "military retaliation would continue until the roots of terrorism are destroyed."

This bit of saber rattling was seconded by select NATO allies (especially Britain), and by our chief ally in the Middle East, the Butcher of Beirut, Ariel Sharon, while Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld, with the blessings of Pres. Bush 11, is activating thousands of national guard and reservists, not only to guard the vulnerable airports, but to do fly-overs of our Nation's capital in F16s from the North Dakota Air Guard. Other National Guard units are being jockeyed into potential combat "hot spots" throughout the Middle East/South Asia and the Balkans.


Following is a summary of the near-unanimous views of the assembled military and civilian pilots concerning certain critical factors relating to the WTC/Pentagon hit of 9-11:

Troubling questions arose about the alleged pilot-hijackers of the four aircraft, who were supposedly trained on Cessna aircraft over the past year at fields in Florida and Oklahoma. One General officer remarked, "I seriously question whether these novices could have located a target dead-on 200 miles removed from takeoff point...-- much less controlled the flight and mastered the intricacies of 11FR (instrument flight rules) -- and all accomplished in 45 minutes."

The extremely skillful maneuvering of the three aircraft at near mach speeds, each unerringly hitting their targets, was superb. As one Air Force officer -- a veteran of over 100 sorties over North Vietnam -- explained, "Those birds (commercial airliners) either had a crack fighter pilot in the
left seat, or they were being maneuvered by remote control."

Another pilot warned that "we had better consider whether electro-magnetic pulse or radio frequency weapons were used from a command and control platform hovering over the Eastern Seaboard... I'm talkin' AWACS."

Another comment: "If there was an AWACS on station over the targeted area, did it have a Global Hawk capability? I mean, could it convert the commercial jets to robotic flying missiles?

A hotly debated question: Who would be in command of such an Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS)? Were they Chinese -- Russians -- Saudis -- Israelis -- NATO ? All of these countries possess AWACS-type aircraft. All (except the Saudis) have the capability to utilize
electro-magnetic pulsing (EMP) to knock out on-board flight controls and communications of targeted aircraft, and then, to fly them by remote control.

One of the Air Force officers explained that we had already flown a robot plane the size of a Boeing 737 across the Pacific to Australia -- unmanned -- from Edwards AF13 in California to a successful landing on an Aussie base in South Australia. It flies along a pre-programmed flight path, but is "monitored" (controlled remotely) by a pilot from an outside station.

He explained that the London Economist (20 Sep 2001) published comments from the former CEO of British Airways, Robert Ayling, who stated that an aircraft could be commandeered from the ground or air and controlled remotely in the event of a hijack.


An AP story, dateline Brussels - 7 Oct 01 -- "At Washington's request, NATO will soon deploy surveillance aircraft for anti-terrorist operations in the United States in response to the attacks on New York and Washington, NATO officials said Sunday, an unprecedented use of foreign military forces to defend the U.S. homeland."

The assembled group of pilots debated why we would ask for foreign forces to fly AWACS over our sovereign territory when we have a fleet of 33 of them, of which 28 are stationed in Oklahoma. The debate also centered on whether such NATO surveillance aircraft were already here prior to 11 September.

Could one of them have commandeered the four airliners?

There seems to be wide discrepancies between what the Federal government is proclaiming -- and their media moguls reporting -- as opposed to the calm and reasoned and rational views of those men who fly the planes and defend the nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

This writer has been a general aviation pilot since 1946. 1 have flown a variety of single engine prop aircraft since, and installed an FAA-approved airstrip here on my farm in 1980. Two local pilots periodically joined me for short hops; one, a Madison County lawyer, a graduate of the Air Force
Academy, who flew for the Air Force before coming home to practice law.

The other, Kent Hill, who lives with his wife, Carol, on a farm close to mine, is an American Airlines captain assigned to the European route. He was a lifelong friend of "Chic" Burlingame, They were graduates of the Naval Academy and flew F-4 Phantoms in Vietnam. Both left the Navy 28 years ago and joined American Airlines. Both planned to retire in 2002. Chic was the captain of AA flight 77, a Boeing 757, which departed Washington Dulles for Los Angeles at 8: 10 am on I I September, with 58 passengers and a crew of 6. Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon at 9:41 am.

"We were totally trained on the old type of hijack," Capt Hill said, "where you treat the hijacker cordially, punch a 4-digit code into your transponder to alert ground control you're being hijacked, and then get him where he wants to go, set the plane safely on the ground and let them deal with it on
the ground. However, this is a totally new situation... Not one of the planes alerted ground control that they were being hijacked." How come?

"The fact is, all the transponders were turned off on the doomed flights virtually at the same time." Look at their departure times -- two from Logan (Boston), one from Newark, another from Dulles (Washington DC) -- all between 8 am and 8:15.

"Shortly after climb-out to flight level, their transponders are de-activated.. (they are no longer a blip on the radar screens). This is something that really needs to be looked into. The only reason we turn them off is so they don't interfere with ground systems when we land."

(Note: Transponders identify a particular aircraft in flight on the radar screens of FAA flight controllers located throughout the country. Various codes are punched into the transponder, one displaying, "I am being hijacked.")

Although there is much talk among the various flight crews, Hill says they are not privy to any of the investigations into the events of I I September. "We're in the dark -- very much so ... They're playing it pretty tight to the vest."

He is convinced none of the pilots had control of their aircraft when they were flown into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The question then becomes, who was really in control?

"Even if I had a gun at my head, I'd never fly a plane into a building. I'd try to put it in anywhere -- a field or a river --and I'd be searing the hell out of them (the hijackers) by flying upside down first," Hill said.

In fact, the pilot has the best weapon in his hand when threatened with imminent death by a hijacker, namely, the airplane.

Another airline pilot stated. "On hearing a major scuffle in the cabin, the pilot should have inverted the aircraft and the hijackers end up with broken necks."

That none of the four pilots executed such a maneuver points toward the fact that none of them had control of their aircraft, but had been overridden by an outside force, which was flying them by remote control.

As an old and not so bold pilot, I became more convinced that the four commercial jets were choreographed by a "conductor" from a central source, namely an airborne warning and control system (AWACS). They have the electronic capability to engage several aircraft simultaneously, knock out their on-board flight controls by EMP (electro-magnetic pulsing) and assume command and remote control of these targeted aircraft.

As we consider all the options -- and enemies -- who performed this act of war, whether from China, Russia, Israel, an Islamic country, or from NATO, we must also consider that the enemy may be within the gates.

If so, then we are dealing with high treason.


Under a heading "High-powered Microwave weapons' (Regnery Pub 1999) reported:, the authors of Red Dragon Rising,

High-powered microwave weapons (sometimes known as radio frequency weapons) which the PLA calls the 'superstars' of warfare, represent the new armaments that may define twenty-first century warfare. These very dangerous weapons can jam electronic equipment by emitting an extremely powerful pulse of electromagnetic energy over a wide area, or their energy can be focused in a narrow beam for use against American satellites I or commercial airliners - Ed 1.

In that startling and factual work, the authors highlight the exceptional efforts on the part of the PLA to acquire the latest hi-tech data from the United States, especially for the "superstars of radio frequency and electro-magnetic pulse weaponry." In their chapter on "Targeting America", the authors refer to a bipartisan Cox-Dicks Committee given the task to investigate "U.S. National Security and Military/Commercial concerns with the Peoples Republic of China".

They point out that the Clinton administration changed the export control regulations (Jan 1996) and that by the end of 1998 the PRC had 600 American super computers.

In 1997-98 the Congressional Joint Economic Committee held hearings on "Radio Frequency Weapons and Proliferation: Potential Impact on the Economy". Several experts appearing before the Committee warned that these weapons pose a distinct threat to the United States. It was revealed during the hearings that China (PLA) has had a high-powered microwave weapon program for 25 years under the direction of one of many Chinese students educated at Berkeley over the years.

The key statement was that the PLA has access to American research -- "through espionage".

Let's fast-forward to 1999 and to a New York Times Op Ed piece by A. M. Rosenthal (22 Oct 1999), in which he described the long-secret arms deals between Israel and Red China He was the managing editor of the New York Times for 15 years prior to that article appearing and a dedicated
supporter of Israel. However, as a result of that article, he was fired.

The title of his Op Ed was "The Deadly Cargo", and the lead sets the theme:

More often now, the special cargo arrives in China from Israel -- riles from Israeli military computers, crates with the makings of missiles and other weapons, and the men in the lab coats, the engineers and scientists who know how to put it all together...

And now I see the Chinese minister of defense, who is one of the ranking Tiananmen killers, visits Israel. I read obsequious Israeli speeches praising him and his government...

The two countries talk openly about bigger arms deals in the making. I learn that the Chinese have knit together Russian and Israeli specialties...

The Russians are converting Ilyushin planes into the framework of U.S.-type flying command posts (AWACS) and will ship them to Israel...

In an astounding interview by Tom Valentine (24 Oct 1999) on Radio Free America with Andrew St. George the two developed the emerging scandal of Israel's secret arms deal with Red China. They referred to the Cox Committee hearings and stated that "unfortunately , the official Cox 'investigation' into China's capture of American technology covered up Israel's involvement."

Valentine stressed that the Reagan administration allowed the trade to escalate in the 1980s, with the help and encouragement of such officials as Richard Perle, Stephen Bryen, Fred Ickle and Paul Wolfowitz ..."They were the kingpins of the Defense Department in the Reagan years."

In case you missed it, they are now back as key advisers to President Bush II; in fact, the leading war hawk pressing for our armed forces to go to war against the Muslim World is the Deputy Secretary of Defense, Paul Wolfowitz.

We are being deluged by the current crop of Israel Firsters, all shouting "It's time to declare war". and "First war of 21st Century" ( Alan Dershowitz on CNN - William Kristol, Washington Times - Leonard Piekoff, Washington Post)), and former Israeli prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu,
appearing before the U.S. Congress,

QUO VADIS? (Whither Goest?)

To better grasp where we are heading (other than to the Khyber Pass), we can dip back to recent history (Vietnam, Korea, Desert Storm, Kosovo) to get a better focus of the direction we are going, even though our commander-in-chief has yet to define the specific enemy.

"Terrorism is like sin; everybody is agin'it."

To those of us who have actually engaged an enemy (often contrived) on the battlefield, and/or who have an-n-chaired other wars from a vantage point, say, the E-Ring of the Pentagon, the pomposity and solemnity and the speechifying of our fearless politicians, as well as their favorite talking heads on the idiot box, is eerily familiar. It is in fact d~ja vous all over again.

Once again, we will rely on "perpetual war for perpetual peace" to bring us out of the abyss of a major financial collapse. We either turn out the Barbarians Inside the Gates, or we prepare for the long dark night of no return. There is no longer a third option.

It's curtain call at the Little Theater off Times Square... Be There!

(Donn de Grand M, a retired Army colonel, is author of A Window on America, Confessions of an Arms Peddler and his latest, Barbarians Inside the Gates (see attached ad).)

for more detailed view of air routes see:

Next I will supply information on the two criminal cases in which critical evidence and files were destroyed. (The Iran Oil Swap case and the gold price fixing case.)





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