Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal

Chapter 8

Jean De Menil, Oswald, Gordon Novel and Their Activities and Associates

Jean DeMenil, The Russian Czarist exile and President of Schlumberger, had used the company organization in 1960 and 1961 to smuggle the rifle grenades, land mines, missiles and other arms for Double-Chek to the forces invading Cuba. DeMenil had these arms boxed and transported by Schlumberger with the company name and false labeling on the huge number of containers. Gordon Novel, a Double-Chek agent, Guy Bannister, David Ferrie, Sergio Arcacha Smith and others worked closely with Schlumberger in transporting these arms and ammunition. Some of the others working for DeMenil on the arms smuggling were Layton Martens, a second generation Russian exile Solidarist agent, Alvin Beauboeuf, a Solidarist agent and William Dalzell, a New Orleans based geologist, Russian exile Solidarist and direct associate of Jean DeMenil.

Jean DeMenil worked with the same group in New Orleans in planning the assassination using Dalzell as his liaison in New Orleans. However, Guy Bannister was in over-all command of the New Orleans phase of the operation since he was area man for Division Five of the FBI. DeMenil brought Sergio Arcacha Smith to Houston in March of 1963 to work with ex-President Carlos Prio Socarras, Robert Ray McKeown and the Free Cuba Committee there. In Dallas, DeMenil had Paul Raigorodsky, a multi-millionaire geologist and Russian exile Solidarist director who oversaw the assignments of George Alexandrovitch Bouhe, Dimitri Roystar and Peter Paul Gregory. These people, like DeMenil, were popularly called White Russians. There were exiled from Russia after the Communist revolution but many were East Europeans whose countries became Communist controlled some twenty-five years after Russia.

This conglomerate kept tight control and contact through the intelligence and espionage arm, the Solidarists and the Orthodox Eastern Church. Gregory and Bouhe picked Lee Harvey Oswald and his Russian wife up when they arrived in Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas, in June of 1962 from Minsk, the capital of White Russia. Bouhe furnished money and other necessities to the Oswalds until they moved from Dallas to New Orleans in April and May of 1963. George Bouhe met with Robert Ray McKeown and other participants in Baycliff, Texas, for several weeks after the assassination. Warren DeBrueys took over George Bouhe's assignment with Oswald when he arrived in New Orleans and continued as Oswald's contact until Nov. 22, 1963.

In the meantime, Guy Bannister, FBI Division Five's Southern Director, employed a long term employee of Double-Chek by the name of William Seymour from Phoenix, Arizona. Seymour was the same size and weight as Lee Harvey Oswald and, more important, by his resemblance to Oswald was as that of an identical twin. Seymour was given the name Leon Oswald and false identification papers in such a name as well as the name Lee Harvey Oswald and others. David L. Lewis, a New Orleans private investigator, was employed by Guy Bannister in 1962 and 1963. In late 1962 or early 1963, Lewis first met Leon Oswald. Lewis was in Manchuso's Restaurant drinking coffee with Bannister's secretary when Carlos Quiroga, an anti-Castro Cuban, came into the restaurant and introduced a person resembling Lee Harvey Oswald as Leon Oswald to Lewis and Bannister's secretary. The secretary confirms this meeting and says that Leon, Carlos, Lewis and she all had coffee together.

About a week later when Lewis was leaving Bannister's office on assignment, he saw Leon Oswald, alias William Seymour, a second time as he passed Quiroga, David Ferrie and Leon Oswald in the hall of Bannister's building. The three men were proceeding to Bannister's office. On a third occasion about ten days later, Lewis entered Bannister's office and there was a meeting taking place between Bannister, Quiroga, David Ferrie, Leon Oswald and Robert Ray McKeown of Baycliff, Texas. Lewis was not sure who the fourth person was but McKeown was identified by another source.

At about the same time as the Leon Oswald appearances as related by Lewis, Sergio Arcacha Smith, leader of the anti-Castro Cuban Democratic Revolutionary Front in New Orleans, was closely associated with David Ferrie; and Ferrie was in Arcacha's office, and they were seen together on numerous occasions in New Orleans. Arcacha admitted that David Ferrie often came to his office in New Orleans to offer his help in recruiting and training men and to use Ferrie's plane in the anti-Castro work. Arcacha returned to Houston with McKeown after the meetings and worked there with McKeown until the assassination date.

William Seymour, alias Leon Oswald, then proceeded to impersonate Lee Oswald at a number of places in New Orleans, Florida, Austin, Alice, Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas, right down to November 22, 1963. As per his assignment through Bannister from the cabal, Seymour made incriminating statements on behalf of Oswald which were to be used as evidence against Oswald after the murder. Seymour also went to Florida posing as Oswald and carried the Fair Play for Cuba part down there in the summer of 1963. Seymour, in his masquerade, bought ammunition in Fort Worth, made pro-Castro remarks in an Irving barber shop and other shops around Dallas and fired a rifle similar to the Italian one a large number of times and at a number of rifle ranges in the Dallas area over a month's period immediately before the cabal's murder occurred. Two weeks before the assassination, Seymour, alias Lee Harvey Oswald, alias Leon Oswald, told a car salesman he would soon come into a large sum of money.

As Leon Oswald, Seymour in September, 1963, discussed the planned assassination of Kennedy in New Orleans with Clay Shaw, David Ferrie and two Mexican appearing men. Seymour was introduced to Mrs. Sylvia Odio by two Mexican appearing men in Dallas on September 25th as Leon Oswald. At this time, he was said to have made remarks which would incriminate Oswald in the murder two months away. But Seymour was not the only one impersonating and incriminating Oswald with statements and acts prior to the assassination.

Gordon Novel's wife testified to Jim Garrison that Novel was the clean shaved person impersonating Oswald and fabricating evidence against him in advance of the murder. Novel was an absolute dead ringer for Lee Harvey Oswald and was in Dallas, Texas, as well as in Mexico and Fort Worth, in the six weeks prior to November 22nd, doing his part in the conspiracy. Oswald himself, Novel and Seymour, impersonating him, were following instructions from the cabal of professional anti- Communists which would blame the killing on pro-Communists and offset the detente Kennedy was reaching between the two political worlds.

On November 22nd, William Seymour fired a rifle from the sixth floor of the School Book Depository Building at President Kennedy striking him only once in the back. Two of his shots missed and the one that hit John Connally came from the building across Houston Street from the Depository Building. Seymour left the building and was picked up by a Nash Rambler. The driver took Seymour to the vicinity of the Abundant Life Temple and let him out to walk the balance of about two blocks to the Temple, an affiliate of the A.C.C.C. which was provided as a safehouse for Seymour. He killed Police Officer J.D. Tippet and then proceeded to his safehouse, the Abundant Life Temple, about a block from the Tippet murder scene. There he remained until it was safe to leave town.

Meanwhile, the Dallas Police were arresting a goodly number of Permindex agents at the assassination site. An important figure, James Powell of Army Intelligence on assignment through the DIA to the Defense Industrial Security Command of Columbus, Ohio and Muscle Shoals, Alabama, was trapped and arrested in the School Book Depository Building shortly after 12:30 pm. He was later released along with the others by Captain Will Fritz in charge of Homicide for the Dallas Police Department. Immediately across Houston Street, Jim Braden of Los Angeles was arrested in the Dal-Tex Building. Braden was also an agent of the Defense Industrial Security Command of Redstone, Muscle Shoals, and Columbus.

The chain of evidence connecting Albert Osborne, Fred Lee Chrismon, alias John M. Bowen, Permindex, and his co-workers became iron clad when a Black Star photographer snapped a picture a few minutes after the assassination of Chrismon, alias Bowen, and two of his charges in the process of being arrested by two young Dallas police officers at Dealey Plaza. Fritz later released all three. The Chrismon, alias Bowen, arrest picture received limited public distribution in 1969 when it was published in the Midlothian Mirror by Penn Jones, the Texas editor. Co-Director of the Mexico based assassins, John H. Bowen, alias Fred Lee Chrismon, alias Free Lee, alias Jon Gould, alias Jon Gold, and Thomas Beckam, front, and another assassin in the process of being arrested at Dealey Plaza immediately after the assassination.

One of Chrismon's Mexican professionals, Manuel Gonzales, firing from the fence to Kennedy's right side struck the President in the right temple killing him instantly. Gonzales and his aides returned to Fort Worth after the assassination where they remained at Tammie True's until Saturday, November 23, when they met Joe Cody, a Dallas detective who flew them to Houston. David Ferrie and Ray McKeown met Cody and the professionals at Houston International Airport and Ferrie, using a second airplane, flew them to Matamoros, Mexico. On Sunday, November 24th, Ferrie flew to Dallas where he was interviewed by newsmen. Late that night, Ferrie flew to Alexandria, Louisiana, where he was met by Coffee and Beauboeuf and they drove back to New Orleans where they were arrested by the District Attorney's Office.

Two homosexuals, Breck Wall and Joe Peterson, on Saturday, November 23, 1963, at about 6:00 pm, left their rooms at the Adolphus, picked William Seymour up at the Abundant Life Temple and drove him to the Driftwood Motel in Galveston where they turned him over to David Ferrie, Robert Ray McKeown and others at about 11:00 pm. Seymour then hid out at McKeown's house in Baycliff, Texas until a few days later when he returned to his sister's home in Phoenix, Arizona. Jack Ruby called Wall in Galveston around midnight of the 23rd to check on Seymour's, alias Leon Oswald, delivery. Clifford Jones, Ed Levinson and L.J. McWillie later brought Wall and Peterson to Las Vegas where they took up residence at the Castaway Club.

Gordon Novel, a Double-Chek employee and Bannister agent, when called before a New Orleans Grand Jury in 1967, decided to write the man who succeeded Guy Bannister after his death in 1964, Seymour Weiss. Novel told Weiss of Division Five of the FBI that Garrison was on to Double-Chek's involvement, warned Division Five not to kill him and suggested the DIA be used to subdue Garrison.155 The suggestion in Gordon Novel's letter to Seymour Weiss of the FBI Division Five that the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) be used to stop Garrison;'s investigation was immediately followed by furious activity on the part of a former .i.DIA liaison man in the Attorney General's Office. Walter Sheridan, who had served the DIA as liaison man in the Attorney General's Office, immediately contacted Novel and took him to a Division Five, FBI polygraph operator in McLean, Virginia, and Sheridan prepared news releases to the effect that Novel had passed the lie detector test.

The gist of the Sheridan news releases were that Jim Garrison's investigation in New Orleans was a fraud and amounted to nothing. Then Sheridan, the DIA liaison man, was employed by the National Broadcasting Company at the behest of the DIA office where he traveled the length and breadth of the United States interviewing Garrison; witnesses and attempting to get them to change their testimony, offering them money and other inducements to appear on the NBC program which was broadcast in June of 1967. Walter Sheridan himself appeared on the program as an investigator and correspondent for NBC. The program was so designed as an attempt to show that Jim Garrison had absolutely no evidence of a conspiracy and it, in fact, was a completely one- sided attempt to libel and defame Jim Garrison personally.

Jim Garrison continued his investigation. After the June, 1967 appearance on the one hour NBC documentary, Walter Sheridan was not heard or seen by the viewers of NBC's programs which proves that Walter Sheridan was on special assignment from his DIA position to pursue the suggestions made in the letter from Gordon Novel to Hoover's Mr. Weiss that the DIA be used to get Mr. Garrison off the track.

The Warren Commission did not find that Lee Harvey Oswald killed President Kennedy. They simply found there was not enough evidence to find a conspiracy in the murder and the evidence was weighed against Oswald. Consequently, the Commission left open the question with an implied instruction to J. Edgar Hoover and the other agencies to continue the search for a conspiracy.

Hoover not only failed to continue in the investigation, he has blocked every effort to uncover the assassins and has ridiculed and harassed everyone who dared question the subject. He has purposely protected his unsavory secret. Hoover's very actions in covering the evidence of the crime constitute admissible evidence corroborating the other evidence of his guilt. This is a correct rule of evidence recognized in every State and Federal Court in the land. The night dispatcher for the New Orleans FBI office revealed that a warning of the assassination plan was wired to J. Edgar Hoover five days before November 22, 1963.

The iron clad evidence of the warning to Hoover was widely published and Hoover, of course, never denied it because of his involvement. The Division Five agent who reported the pending November 22nd Dallas assassination attempt on November 17, 1963, was Lee Harvey Oswald. What clearer evidence of J. Edgar Hoover's part in the assassination scheme would any reasonable person need? Well, there is much more.

FBI agent Hosty's name, office address, car license and telephone number were in Oswald's notebook in Oswald's handwriting. Hoover furnished the Warren Commission with what he told them was a true copy of the notebook. The staff discovered that Hoover had left the page out with Hosty's name. They had to call this to Hoover's attention twice before he corrected the fraudulent exhibit. Called upon to explain, Hoover could, of course, make no legitimate excuse. And more. Richard Case Nagell, a CIA agent who in connection with an official assignment learned of the plan, sent a registered letter to Hoover advising of the assassination plans against Kennedy. Although this was mailed in August, 1963, Hoover never acted on the warning, but instead arrested Nagell on another charge.

Still more. Frame 313 through 319 of the Zapruder film depicts Kennedy in the process of being slammed violently backwards and against the back of the seat at the time of the fatal shot. Kennedy's body is rapidly driven about three feet to the rear and left and the blood and brain is clearly shown flying to the left rear and on to the motorcycle policeman to the rear of Kennedy's car. The result is clear and unequivocal proof that Kennedy was shot from the front and to the right. Oswald was to the rear. Result: a conspiracy. The Commission and Harold Weisberg discovered, after the Warren group dissolved, that Hoover had reversed frame 313 and 314. Hoover admitted this. He said it was a printing error. The result reversed the violent backward movement of Kennedy, fabricated a forward movement and further proved Hoover's inculpatory action.

In Esquire Magazine in December, 1966, Don Reynolds was quoted as revealing that Lyndon Johnson and John Connally were two of the people involved in the assassination cabal. Reynolds detailed a telephone call that John Connally made from Washington, D.C. to someone posing as Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas, Texas about two weeks before November 22, 1963. Reynolds got more specific and said the call was to the YMCA in Dallas and that John Connally initiated the call. In the same publication, J. Edgar Hoover was quoted as the only source who specifically investigated and cleared both Johnson and Connally.