Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal

Chapter VI

Permindex and Double-Chek Agents and their Activities

Double-Chek, a Florida corporation organized and operated by the CIA and the American counterpart of Permindex and Centro Mondiale Comerciale, was taken over by Division Five of the FBI and was used as one of the principal funding agencies for President Kennedy's death planners. Another was the Tolstoy Foundation, the Russian Solidarist funding source with its principal offices in New York City and Munich in Germany, and the Kentfield Fund in Dallas. The Solidarist world network is connected through the old Orthodox Catholic Church of North America and Synod of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church outside Russia which church connected organization used one of its priests, David Ferrie, in New Orleans as an agent in the planning of the Kennedy assassination. Ferrie became a priest and agent for the Solidarists when he dropped out of the Roman Catholic Seminary in Ohio and joined the Byelorussian Liberation Front at 3308 West 43rd Street, Cleveland, Ohio in 1946.

Donald P. Norton told Jim Garrison he was impressed into the agency's service in 1957 under threat of exposure as a homosexual. In September, 1962, Norton was dispatched from Atlanta to Mexico with $30,000 for an anti-Castro group. He said he registered in the Yamajel Hotel in Monterrey, Mexico, per instructions, when he was contacted by one Harvey Lee, an exact duplicate of Oswald except that his hair seemed slightly thicker. In exchange for the money, Lee gave him a briefcase containing documents in manila envelopes. According to plan, Norton delivered the briefcase to an employee of an American oil firm in Calgary, Alberta, who repeated the pass phrase, "The weather is very warm in Tulsa."

Breck Wall and Joe Patterson were in close contact with a person who called himself Archison, and Jack Wohl from Calgary. Norton also told of how he met David Ferrie earlier in his career. In early 1958, he was assigned a courier trip to Cuba and told to meet his contact at the Eastern Air Lines counter at the Atlanta airport. The contact was a man who called himself Hugh Ferrie. "Here are your samples," Ferrie remarked, handing Norton a phonograph record. "It is in the jacket." The jacket contained $150,000.00, which Norton duly delivered to a Cuban television performer in Havana. Norton asserts he went to Freeport, Grand Bahama, on an Agency assignment late in 1966, and upon his return to Miami, his contact instructed that "something was happening in New Orleans and that Norton should take a long, quiet vacation." He did, and began to worry about the "people who have died in recent months--like Ferrie." Then he contacted Garrison. Norton was given a lie detector test, the result of which was that he was telling the truth.

Jules Rocco Kimble said that on the day after David Ferrie died, he drove a top KKK official, Jack Helm, to Ferrie's apartment. Helm came out with a satchel of papers which he placed in a bank safe deposit box. Kimble said that in 1962, he had flown to Montreal, Canada with Ferrie on business. He promised the District Attorney's investigators that he would gather more information and report back to them. Shortly afterward, he phoned his wife from Atlanta, saying he had met an Intelligence contact. "They'll never get me back to New Orleans," he said. A few days after that, he called from Montreal, Canada. Kimble came back to Tampa, Florida, where he was arrested by the city police. Interviewed by Garrison's men, he said that he had once worked special assignments for U.S. intelligence agencies, and in verification named his Agency contacts and the box number at the Layafette Street station they assigned him. He averred he had recontacted the Intelligence agency after Walter Sheridan had counseled him to say nothing to the District Attorney and go to Montreal where he named some contacts.

Sheridan was the liaison man with Bobby Kennedy for Joe Carroll of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Sheridan was subsequently indicted by a New Orleans grand jury for public bribery for attempting to induce witnesses to make false statements against Garrison. David Ferrie was in Dallas, Texas on the night of November 24, 1963. Ferrie talked to Bob Mulholland, an NBC news man from the Chicago office, in Dallas the night of the 24th and admitted that he was connected with Jack Ruby's Carousel Club. Ferrie even knew the emcee at the club and spoke freely exhibiting a friendship with Jack Ruby and a knowledge of an number of Jack Ruby's associates in Dallas.

We shall return to Ruby, Ferrie and their activities, but now is as good a time as any to add one more piece of evidence to the mountain of such inculpating the Defense Industrial Security Command. Gary Underhill, a CIA agent with Walter Kostow and Harold R. Isaacs at the Center for International Studies at MIT, told friends in early 1964 in New York that a group within the U.S. Intelligence agencies had planned and brought about the death of John Kennedy and that he was going to expose them. A few days later he was found dead in his apartment in Washington, D.C., a bullet in his head behind his left ear - but Underhill was right handed.

Harold R. Isaacs, ex-Newsweek Magazine editor, was the subject of a suppressed Warren Commission document. David Ferrie, Maurice Brooks Gatlin, Guy Bannister and Mike McLaney of New Orleans, Robert Ray McKeown of Houston, Jack Ruby of Dallas and L.J. McWillie of Las Vegas began a partnership in 1953 with Carlos Prio Socarras, Cuba's President from 1948 to 1952, before Batista. Prio and his group were working well with Batista in operating all of the Cuban gambling houses until about 1957 when Batista began to shake Prio's group down for more than they felt was reasonable. Ex-President Prio, Ruby, McWillie, McKeown and the gambling partnership in 1957 contacted Castro who was then in the mountains and secretly began supporting him on Castro's promise of a more reasonable government tax on the gambling profits.

Prio's partner, Jack Ruby, spent a good part of 1958 directing the smuggling of arms to Cuba from the Keys in Florida with James Woodard, an ex-Dallas policeman. The arms, ammunitions and supplies were furnished until the Castro takeover of Cuba in January, 1959. As had been promised, Prio, McWillie, Ruby, McKeown and the other partners continued to run the Havana gambling casinos until 1961 when Castro evicted McWillie, the last one to leave. McKeown, McWillie, Ruby, Prio, McLaney, Gatlin, Bannister and Ferrie immediately began working with other anti-Castro exiles, Division Five of the FBI and the CIA to overthrow Castro.

After the Bay of Pigs disaster, the Prio-Ruby group under Bannister's direction continued to work with the Cuban exiles toward an invasion of the Cuban mainland. Bannister, as a free agent. worked with Warren DeBrueys, Division Five of the FBI's resident agent in New Orleans. DeBrueys was also a White Russian and a member of the Solidarists. DeBrueys' chief assignment in the summer and fall of 1963 was to maintain a close vigil over Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans and Dallas. This he did, and after Oswald's death, DeBrueys gathered all of Oswald's personal belongings and carried them to J. Edgar Hoover in Washington, D.C.

On November 22, before it was known that Kennedy was dead, Warren Debrueys walked into Parkland Hospital and tried to force his way into the room where President Kennedy was being attended. Two Secret Service agents had a terrible fight with DeBrueys, before he was subdued in the room just outside of Kennedy's. He was held down by Secret Service agents until help arrived.

L.J. McWillie, one of Jack Ruby's partners in the ex- President Prio-Bannister-Ruby group, was a conservative dressing, highly polished, international socialite who traveled with the professional golfers in the U.S., Britain and Western Europe. McWillie entered the partnership with Clifford Jones and Bobby Baker in the Thunderbird gambling casino in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1962. The Dallas and Oklahoma City police who knew McWillie thoroughly had him officially designated as a "murderer and gambler" on his many-page arrest records. As all people of this sort do, McWillie used a number of aliases. Some of these were Lewis J. Martin, L.J. Chapman, Lewis Olney and others.

Robert Ray McKeown of Baycliff, Texas, near Houston, another of Ruby's partners in the President Prio-Bannister association, also had a many-paged criminal record. McKeown's aliases included J.T. Brown, H.J. McAllister, Max, Dick McKeown and others. Jerry Brooks further confirmed the close relation between McKeown, David Ferrie, L.J. McWillie and Ruby when he reported Maurice Gatlin put a stop to their plan to sell jeeps to Castro in 1959. Lee Harvey Oswald was recruited into Division Five of the FBI by David Ferrie in 1956 before joining the USMC. Oswald was taken to Memphis, Tennessee, by Division Five of the FBI while in the Marine Corps. There he received the highest level of covert espionage activities training during June, July and August of 1957 at the Naval Intelligence school located on the Memphis Naval Base.

The school is of such a highly secret nature that Oswald's official Marine Corps records were doctored so as not to reflect his training there. Lee Harvey Oswald was paid by J. Edgar Hoover through a subterfuge account with the Department of Immigration and Naturalization, a Division of the Justice Department, and consequently, he could testify before the Warren Commission without being technically guilty of perjury that Oswald was not on the FBI payroll. Fred Cook in The FBI Nobody Knows reveals this device which Hoover uses in paying covert agents through the Department of Immigration and Naturalization. Oswald's pay slip number, which was revealed by the Dallas Sheriff's office, was the number assigned him out of the San Antonio office of the Department. Oswald was paid at the Dallas office of the Immigration Department and their address in the Rio Grande Building was found in Oswald's notebook.

Oswald was tutored by the Solidarists on the Russian language and his duties as an FBI espionage agent. The Russian newspapers and literature which Oswald received were of Solidarist origin. Just prior to going to Russia in 1959, Oswald received a Solidarist agent in a long visit at Santa Ana, California. In 1959 Oswald admitted his connections were "White Russians". The agent came from the San Francisco office of the Solidarists. The San Francisco office went under the cover name "Federation of Russian Charitable Organizations," 376 Twentieth Avenue. Oswald had always been a Solidarist and Division Five of the FBI agent. He had never been employed by the CIA.

Dallas Chief Deputy Allan Sweatt said in a Secret Service document that Oswald was being paid $200.00 per month by the FBI and he even furnished Oswald's informant number, S-172. Dallas District Attorney, Henry Wade, and Texas Attorney General, Waggoner Carr, in a secret meeting with the Commission on January 24, 1964, gave absolute confirmation of this. George DeMohrenschildt with his long years of experience in intelligence roles, testified to facts connecting Lee Harvey Oswald and Max Clark and his wife, Gali, to Division Five of the FBI and the Defense Industrial Security Command through the Henry Crown, Patrick Hoy dominated General Dynamics. He further revealed the name of the Division Five agent in charge in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Here is what DeMohrenschildt said:

Mr. DeMohrenschildt: . . . . . . . in my mind Max Clark was in some way connected with the FBI, because he was chief of security at Convair (General Dynamics) he had been a chief of security. And either George Bouhe or someone else told me that he is with the FBI to some extent. . . .

Mr. Jenner: Who is Walter Moore?

Mr. DeMohrenschildt: Walter Moore is the man who interviewed me on behalf of the Government after I came back from Yugoslavia - G. Walter Moore. He is a Government man - FBI . . . A very nice fellow, exceedingly intelligent who is, as far as I know - was some sort of an FBI man in Dallas. Many people consider him head of FBI in Dallas. . . .

It should be pointed out here that Albert Jenner, one of the top lawyers on the Warren Commission staff, had been the personal and corporate lawyer for Henry Crown, Mafia-connected head of General Dynamics for a long number of years. Both live in Chicago. Gali Clark is a White Russian who was born of royal blood in exile in France. She was Princess Sherbatov. She and her husband, Max, both Solidarists and close friends of John Connally, were the first Defense Industrial Security Command contacts with Lee and Marina Oswald when they got back from Russia in 1962. They visited in each others homes and were closely connected until after the assassination. The Director of Security at General Dynamics, Max Clark and his wife were also members of the Tryall Compound in Jamaica.